🤔 What happened to Humiku? // 🙏🏻 Help us maintain the blog [Close]

On Saturday March 13th we suffered a big downtime regarding our Blog "Humiku.com", WordPress started to interact in a strange way between the server and domain, causing the blog to be down and intermittent every 3 minutes, if you were one of those who experienced this problem, you probably noticed that the DNS service CloudFlare was telling you that the server was down...

On Sunday March 14th I had worked more than 10 hours to redo the blog, this time using Ghost as CMS, I didn't want to risk again with WordPress and that the same problem would happen again, but there is something I didn't count with, and that is that for some strange reason, the domain Humiku.com didn't want to link to that new server. After contacting the technical support of Godaddy (company where I purchased my domain) and Digitalocean (company where the server was hosted) both recommended me that I had to wait 72 hours until the DNS would propagate correctly and the blog would work.

On Wednesday, March 17, I woke up first thing in the morning and logged on to the Whats my DNS page to find out if the DNS propagation has been completed. What I saw was a far cry from reality. All DNS were dead and offline. I reset everything back to factory reset, contacted tech support again, and continued to wait another 48 hours.

On Friday afternoon March 19th I contacted a friend to borrow money to buy a new domain and server from NameCheap, it had been almost 1 week since my WordPress domain problem had started, and it looked like it wasn't going to be solved soon, I couldn't waste any more time to get back to work and keep translating. No doubt something happened with WordPress that made my domain unusable, luckily I had made a backup of all the translations so it wasn't that hard to make the change.

Now that you know what has happened all this week with Humiku and the reason why you couldn't access the blog, there is something else I have to tell you...

I need your help to continue with this project🙏🏻

In early December when I started Humiku, I had invested enough money in Digitalocean to keep the servers running for 5 months. Enough time to place Ads with Adsense and then I could be 100% solvent and pay all the expenses on my own based on those earnings... But the situation did not happen that way, I wrote a post about it that talks about it 👇🏻

⛔Google ruined our plans
I am writing this post because I am angry, disappointed and quite sad that wehave lost our future progress and short, medium and long term plans. So I want to vent, after all, I am a person, and I need to get all myfrustration and regret out. ----------------------------------------------------…

Now that I no longer use Digitalocean for fear that if I acquired this new domain and did not want to link to those servers, it meant that the game was going to be over for me. So I was forced to start from scratch on another more reliable platform with more competent technical support in case of problems.

And what is my point with all this? We need money to maintain the blog every month until we integrate Adsense back into the blog. Luckily we have a new domain, so we can try our luck and get back to generating revenue. But until that happens and the payments start coming in, we'll have to turn to you guys who are the readers.

The cost of the servers are $15 each month. Our next payment would be on April 19th, this would only be until the blog generates income on its own and we no longer require donations, which I hope will be about 3 months at the most, as things with Adsense nothing is guaranteed.

If you want to support me financially to maintain the blog, you can do it through my page in Buymeacoffe; [Close]

(It is not necessary to create a Buy me a coffee account to donate or subscribe).

You can support me every month with $3, or if you don't want to contribute money every month, starting from $2 you can also offer a donation, all the money will be exclusively destined to maintain the servers 🤗

You can also give your support through the blog by clicking on the button in the right corner at the bottom.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read us, I hope you will support our projects in these difficult moments. 🙏🏻💖

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