The End of a Short and Harrowing Journey

The End of a Short and Harrowing Journey

Hello guys! 👋🏻

In this post I will talk about very important announcements coming up at OniBeast, our future with regards to translations, and also the hole we are in that is preventing us from taking our next step to move forward and continue to expand with regards to our content and translations.

Our next big step 🔥

The Light Novels are about to arrive... This is an idea that has been going around in my head ever since I started translating, and lately the urge has overtaken me. So this very week I'll start with the translation of one. And if everything goes very well, probably in 8 - 10 days from today May 26th, I will write a post announcing the Light Novel, and indicating where and how you will be able to read chapter 1

Unfortunately I will not be able to publish the chapters of the Light Novel in this Blog, because we are already entering a little in the field of "illegality", and I put those words in quotation marks because what I am doing is not illegal at all, but Google does not think the same with respect to that issue, so publishing it here would be running the risk of having our Adsense ads removed and stop receiving income for our work.

I have a lot of ideas on the table on how I want to share and provide the downloads of the Light Novels, as I want to do a very professional and very clean job in terms of presentation and readability, since I want to distribute it in eBook format. It is something that will take some time and effort, but I am sure it will be very worth the result, and will be beneficial to you as well.

We need extra hands 🖐🏻

Of course, a great job also requires a lot of help. In OniBeast we are two people who are dedicated to make these translations, Hezoegis (Me) is the translator, and Dread is the proofreader. Now that we have in mind to make translations of Light Novels, Dread can no longer take care of checking and correcting my English spelling and grammar, because he is going to focus all his time on the translations of the Light Novel.

And because we do not want to leave aside the Web Novel chapters and continue publishing daily chapters in the blog, we require someone who has a good command of the English language, with good grammar, spelling and able to improve dialogues/words so that they make better sense in English.

If you want to help us for this task, and collaborate with us to keep the chapters flowing daily, contact me here:

Discord: Hezoegis#0818

Thank you for reading...