OniBeast Prototype

This prototype has the objective of showing the type of content and structure that the magazine will have. Being interactive, you will be able to digit external links, or menus that will show more hidden information to avoid saturating the pages. The content aims to be brief and precise, giving the necessary information without the need for long paragraphs or useless information. Issue #1 is still under development, which will come with a more friendly and pleasant design. The magazine will come out every month and will be free of charge.

abstract image


You can find information about the release dates for new seasons, movies, and other interesting details about any of the franchises in this section.


The manga volumes that will be released in the month that the magazine's issue is published will be listed in "Mangas Upcoming.". For instance, if "issue 2" of the magazine is published in June, the manga you will find in that Volume will be those that will be published during the month of June and where you can buy them.


Discover will be one of the most special sections of the magazine. We want to be the gateway that connects otaku culture with the West. And at the same time, we want to showcase the work of independent Asian artists who usually find it very difficult to make themselves known outside of Asia. Here you will find Mangas, Illustrations, doujins, products, and much more.

*Everything you will see in the prototype is not real. It is just a presentation of the project in which we are working and investing time and effort.