Privacy Policy

At OniBeast we strongly believe in privacy, that is why we have created a special section where we will explain some important points regarding what happens when a user enters our blog.

  • Ad services: We use ad service provided by Google. Please read how Google uses the information from our site. They may serve personalized ads so please check with the page on how you can control that.
  • External Links: In OniBeast we try to be meticulous with the links that we place in our blog, we are not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites external to us, however, any external link that is promoted within OniBeast, will always be within the margin of the law, and for public of all ages.
  • Tracking and data sales: OniBeast does not track or store information about its users on our servers. All information within this blog is hosted on Namecheap's servers, please read how Namecheap handles your information. We will never ask you for personal information, bank details, or any other information that puts your identity at risk, everything that happens within OniBeast is not traceable.