📰 News: Toru, Kaede and Frau will no longer be with us on a daily basis // Drop // new project soon

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📰 Noticias: Toru, Kaede y Frau ya no estarán con nosotros diariamente // Drop // nuevo proyecto
Hola querido lector 👋🏻 En este post voy a estar informándoles acerca de uncambio que habrá en la publicación de los capítulos; A warrior exiled by thehero and his lover, el drop de la web novel The invincible undefeated divinesword master, y el próximo proyecto que traduciré. 💧 DropCover Li…

Hello dear reader 👋🏻 In this post I am going to be informing you about a change that there will be in the publication of the chapters; A warrior exiled by the hero and his lover, the drop of the web novel The invincible undefeated divine sword master, and the next project that I will be translating.

💧 Drop

Cover of Light Novel

The reason why I have stopped the translation of the web novel; The invincible undefeated divine sword master is due to my lack of interest and the way the author is handling the work. It is a story that in my opinion has a lot of potential, and if you are a stranger to web novels you should know that this format of stories work as a previous draft to how a light novel will be, therefore a light novel always comes to have much more content, the chapters and situation are longer and change many situations in the story.  But the web novel of this specific project is very simple, even though they are very short chapters, the way the story is written for me becomes confusing, and the translation always becomes a nuisance for me, because I have to change many dialogues and words so that in the Spanish and English language the story has more coherence, and so much effort is not worth it.

🔰 Daily chapters will come to an end

Cover of Light Novel

A warrior exiled by the hero and his lover has been a complete success, I am very excited and delighted with this story, and I wish I could continue publishing chapters daily, but unfortunately all good things come to an end, and this is something that is not decided by me, but by the amount of chapters there are. We are getting very close to the amount of chapters published by the author, at the moment I am writing this post, there are 5 chapters (except for chapters 157 and 158 that are already translated) that separate us from reaching the author, plus a "bonus" that are parallel stories that do not affect the original story at all.

So, does this mean there will be no more chapters? The answer is a resounding; yes. This story has a long way to go, so the story is too far away to be finished, but the author's publishing speed is another story, as he usually publishes between 6 and 9 chapters per month. Depending on the author's mood, we may have 2 or 3 chapters per week as opposed to the 2 chapters per day that I have been publishing since I started translating this web novel.

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📚 Next project

To fill the empty space of the daily chapters that A warrior exiled by the hero and his lover will leave us, I'm looking for another project I can bring to you. I promise it will be something very exciting, with badass MCs and a solid harem.

Or in other cases a romantic comedy 😜



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