🎉Good News: Adsense is back, thanks supports and Twitter

🎉Good News: Adsense is back, thanks supports and Twitter

This post is very special, because there are many things I want to tell, thanks to the title you have realized that one of them is that the Blog is offering Ads again thanks to Google Adsense, this will help us a lot to be self-sustainable, and for many more things that I will explain below. Today I feel very happy, I feel calmer, I don't have so much stress as several weeks ago, and it's nice because I start April in the best way, with many good news.😁

🔰 Vol 2 is oficial!

Let's start with a news that was announced yesterday April 1st, officially Volume 2 of the Light Novel "A warrior exiled by the hero and his lover" is already on pre-sale, and this is the official cover, besides Toru, Kaede, Frau and Panda, there is another character among them, this is the Elf "incertar nombre", that Toru and her friends met in the forest "incerte el nombre del país".

If you plan to purchase the light novel in its original language, you can do so through the following link; OVERLAP

💰Adsense accepted us again!

If you are an old reader of the blog, you will know that I had published a post complaining about a bad situation that happened to us with Adsense, and how all our plans were ruined, not to mention that many other misfortunes happened that forced us to change our blog, domain, and we had to resort to ask for donations to keep us going until our blog is approved again by this Google service. 😪

⛔Google ruined our plans
I am writing this post because I am angry, disappointed and quite sad that wehave lost our future progress and short, medium and long term plans. So I want to vent, after all, I am a person, and I need to get all myfrustration and regret out. ----------------------------------------------------…

You can't imagine how positive this is for us, not only will we be able to get back to being more active again, as one of the reasons why I almost didn't post chapters in large part was for this reason. The stress and the fact that I had lost my drive to do it. When you see all your work, money invested, and all the effort made during months vanish overnight, it can damage you psychologically, and what Adsense had done to me made me rethink to keep doing this, because I had invested a lot of money to maintain this blog, I had plans, goals to achieve with this, and everything had been ruined...

But now everything is different, Adsense has accepted us again, we can generate money again, and resume those plans and objectives that I had prepared for this translation group, I plan to create a Roadmap, and share it with all of you so you know the intentions behind this project, and how far we want to go.

And again I have recovered that passion of wanting to translate and invest my time and effort in this, so we will be back with everything, and with many chapters to publish daily.

Does this mean that now there will be no risk that this project will die and all future ideas...? I don't know, since Adsense works in mysterious ways, one day everything can be normal, and the next, your account can be banned, the risk that all our plans fail again are still latent, but I will work on something to prevent that from happening.

🙏🏻I could not have done it without you

A week ago I had published a post explaining Humiku's situation and asking for help to maintain the blog, I won't go into detail on that as I explained it in great detail.

But I want to thank enormously Libajto, Tacosarefood, Pemula, Honsa, Kay, Diana Kurashvili, gapucucuho and SFcipher. I greatly appreciate their support, what they did to help me in this difficult and complicated situation, I know that thank you is not enough, so I have several ideas in my head and I have to order to compensate them for what they did to keep the Blog running until the Adsense situation was resolved.

Thanks to your donations I have been able to register your emails, so I will be in contact with you through that way to tell you about my future plans where you will be included. 😉

😎 We have created a Twitter!

In other news, we have a Twitter. I wanted to create a social network where I can share our translations, news, posts, updates, future developments or problems that arise, and also to share memes, waifus, and interact with you.

So, don't be a bad boy and follow us, onii-chan: @oni_beast

She's crying because you don't follow us on Twitter.