🤺 Chapter 8 - Tyrfing Divine Sword

I parted from my parents' house and set out on my journey, but when I put my luggage on my back, I felt a sense of discomfort. No, actually, I had noticed it even before picking up my luggage, but I dared to pretend I didn't.... Obviously, there was something unfamiliar protruding from my luggage.

It was the divine sword from our family's arsenal.

"Could it be Tyrfing.......?"

It looks like the divine sword Tyrfing from any angle, and when I unsheathed it, praying I was wrong, there I saw a nostalgic white blade. It is really beautiful to see the dazzling sunlight reflected on its flawless blade.

"Why is the Estark family heirloom here...?"

When I think about it, I remember my sister's smile.

"...So it was her."

I thought she was slipping away when we parted, but I guess that's when she had this little gift prepared for me.

"Surely house Estark must be aware of this by now."

I couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Don't worry, Licht. Your sister isn't that stupid. She traded it for a fake divine sword."

I was about to thank the person who said those words, but suddenly I remembered that I was alone. I found it an unusual situation that there was a person talking near me without me even detecting their presence.

I placed my hand on the sword at my waist, but the voice insists, "Don't worry."

"Fascinating... Where is this voice coming from...?"

I kept my ears open.

The source of the voice was coming from my luggage. When I concentrated more, it seemed that the divine sword itself was emitting the sound....

"No way, can the sword talk?"

"Congratulations! You figured out the most important question."

It was the voice of a cheerful child.

"...You have a rather strange personality."

"Sorry. I am a treasure that has been passed down from generation to generation in the family of the Sword God, Tyrfing Estark."

"Who was the first person who wielded you?"

"The first head of House Estark, Bramus Von Estark."

"What was his mother's name?"

"Tia Samantha"

"...Correct answer."

"By the way, Bramus and I were friends. I've been fighting with him since he was old enough to have never touched a girl's breasts. Legend has it that he was the one who helped found this country, but the truth is he was a wimp. His friends called him 'Bramus the pisser'."

"Thank you for that valuable piece of Information."

"You're welcome. Just because he was someone important doesn't mean he was a great person."

"Based on the strangely realistic information, I have my doubts. I've seen you since I was a kid, but you've never spoken. Why?"

"Well, actually, I've been sleeping for three years. And then I saw this girl, with beautiful dark hair..."


"Yes, Ellen, she woke me up. One day she exposed me to the sun after I had been locked up for quite a few years, and ever since then I had had moments when I woke up from my dreams to keep doing so."

I'm tempted to ask how long she's been sleeping, but I'm sure she wouldn't tell me.

I gripped Tyrfing tightly.

"Oh, what a sassy boy, gripping me in such a wild and rough way. I don't mind, this sort of thing thrills me."

After a few seconds, Tyrfing was elated to realize that she was returning to the Estark house.

"Hey, Licht, do you plan to take me back to Estark Estate?"

"Exactly. I'm a bastard, but I don't want the rumor to spread that I'm a thief."

"Wait! You're not a thief."

"You know what the word 'thief' means?"

"I'm inorganic - how could I know? But I know you're the only one I belong to. I've spent so many years in the Estark armory, gathering dust. That's because no one has been able to use me for hundreds of years. And yet you were able to get me out of the sheath so easily. In short, you can use me. And that makes you my master."

"But it's still theft."

"That doesn't matter! Do you know the shame of a man being limited by his abilities?"

"You are inorganic, yet you know such eloquent words."

"Yes, I know, and if you're going to send me back, you'll be in big trouble. You'll probably get thrown in jail or the soldiers will kill you."

"You're right."

I can picture the faces of my wicked stepmother and siblings wanting me dead.

"...I guess I'd better end this peacefully, or I'll return you quietly the next time I meet Ellen."

"Way to go, my lord."

After strapping the divine sword to my waist, I continued on my journey.

"Hey, do you have a destination in mind?"

"Yes. There is a large city to the north. There seems to be an adventurer's guild there, so I want to register there."

"Oh, you're going to be an adventurer? That's awesome. "

"I know it won't be a high-paying job, but I need to do something."

"That's understandable. I'm sure there will be a line of prospective wives wanting to be with you."

"I'm not interested in those things."

With those words said, I headed north.

After a few kilometers of hiking, I saw a village

"Is that the city?"

Divine Sword Tyrfing asks, but there's no way I could've gotten there so fast.

"It's just a small town."

"There's a delicious smell in the air, are you going to spend the night here?"

It is true that there is a delicious smell of grilled meat in the air. There seem to be food stalls on the main street.

For a moment I thought about passing through town, but then I stopped.

After buying some meat skewers from a stall on the main street, I decided to gather information. Clearly the divine sword can't eat, but she seemed happy that I had taken her words into account.

"Yahoo! I'm important to Licht-Sama!"

I took the meat skewers, and praised the girl for cooking such delicious food. I then asked her where she got the meat from. It seems that raising poultry is very popular in this area. Then, as we chatted, I asked her how things were going in the northern city.

"Oh, you plan to go north?

"Yes, I hear there's an adventurers' guild there."

"Do you want to be an adventurer? It's true that there are very few guilds around here, since we're in the countryside."

She laughed.

"If the Estark family weren't in charge of these lands, it would probably be a more prosperous place."

I say in a light and sarcastic manner, and the girl in front of me giggles.

"Well, the Estark family isn't tyrannical, and their tax collection isn't so strict. On the whole, they are decent gentlemen."

The girl speaks a bit more lightly and gives me more information about the northern city.

"It's true that the northern city is the most prosperous around here, but the road to the city is now closed."


"The other day the rain caused the water level to rise and the bridge was heavily flooded."

"I see..."

"Yes, so you'll have to go around the area. If you go to the next town northeast of here, I'm sure you'll find someone who knows how to get through the place."

I thanked her for the valuable information and ordered another skewer.

"Best of luck!"

The girl gave me a kind look.

"Thank you."

In the adventure stories I used to read, there was someone who was a joker. They were the heroes' companion, always cheering them up, and making them laugh.... I don't remember what such a person's name was, but I have my suspicions that my joker was the divine sword itself. For as I began my journey, Tyrfing did not stop talking and saying funny things.

...It may simply be a vague thought on my part, but the doubts will remain.



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