🐲 Chapter 8 - Lucious, the Demonic Dragon Boy

[Lucius's perspective]

After spending 300 years of being trained by Tess Onee-chan and Rio in the infinite prison, I finally learned all the magic and Qigong techniques taught to me.

The morning of the next day.

I woke up in extreme pain, as if I had been pressed with a hot iron.


My screams echo all over the place.

Tess Onee-chan and Rio come running in upon hearing my screams.

"What's wrong, Lucious!?"

"Did someone hurt you!!? I'm going to kill them!!!"

When I told them that my chest hurt, the two of them started arguing over who should take off my clothes and expose my chest.

""This is...!!!""

The two women were shocked when they saw my chest.

What's going on?

Out of curiosity I looked at my chest, and on it glowed a small mark that I had never seen before.

The size of the mark was a little smaller than the palm of my hand, and it glowed a pale blue.

"What is this...?"

When I asked the question, Tess Onee-chan was silent for a moment with a serious face.

"It looks like the time has finally come. That mark is called; Shomon."

"Shomon? What is that?"

"Shomon is a mark that appears to those who have become stronger by surpassing a certain level, that is, you have reached the famous Master level. Congratulations, your training is complete."

Tess Onee-chan approaches me and gently strokes my head.

It's warm, soft and makes me feel protected... How happy I am.

"Thank you, Tess Onee-chan, by the way, does this mark have any special meaning?"

"Yes, this mark has the job you will have written on it in ancient language."

Tess Onee-chan shuffles her clothes and shows me the shield on her hip.

Unlike me, which glowed blue, hers glowed gold.

"This is the mark of kings. It is the strongest title anyone can get, only those who are worthy of being a king, it is even above the Shomon. My king crest says 'Demon King' in ancient language."

Next, Rio opens her mouth and shows me her golden mark that was engraved on her tongue.

"This is mine. I don't need to tell you it says Dragon King. on it."

I've heard that before.

In the land of humans, the word "king" means the person who rules the land, but in the land of demons and subhumans, the meaning is different.

The meaning of "king" in their minds is a person of absolute power.

Now I understand, only people who are skillful and strong can get such a title.

"Ohh, and what does my mark say!"

I have studied the ancient language, and I can read a little, but I can't see much because of where my mark is.

What work have I been awarded? I'm curious.

"I'm going to take a look."

Rio approached me and looked at the mark on my chest.

"Um... What the hell... What does that mean!"

When Rio saw my mark, he was very astonished.

What does that mean, why is she so surprised!!!!

"This mark... It's that of the Demonic Dragon General!!! I never imagined such a thing existed!!!"

Demonic Dragon General? What the heck is that?

When I looked at Tess Onee-chan to ask for more information, she also looked very surprised.

"The title of Demonic Dragon General is said to be able to use the race power of demons and that of dragons at will. They were only supposed to exist in legends, I never imagined that Lucious would become one...!!!! This is unbelievable!!!"

After those words, Tess Onee-chan hugs me tightly.

It seems that my profession's work is amazing!

"Well then, have I become a demonic dragon general yet?"

"No, the mark is still faint, so you have a lot left to keep striving and growing."

It's a pity.

But I'm glad I got such a cool profession like that.

And it also gave me a purpose to aspire to and keep striving.

"So if I train a lot more, I'll be able to become a demonic dragon general, right? I'll give my best!"

Tess Onee-chan and Rio fell silent when they heard those words.

Hm? Did I say something wrong?

"Hm? What's wrong?"

When I ask that, Rio replies in a serious and cold manner.

"...Lucious. Your power can't continue to grow as long as you're in the infinite prison."


The words that came out of Rio's mouth shocked me.


"At your current age, Lucious is at the limit of his capabilities. If you want to become stronger, you'll have to get out of the infinite prison, and grow physically."

"I see..."

In the infinite prison, you can't age. That had a negative effect on me when I was growing up.

Now I understand it.

I can no longer grow strong as long as I'm in this place.

That means.

"It's time for me to get out of this infinite prison... Right?"

The two nodded while wearing a sad face.

The time has come to say goodbye.



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