🤺 Chapter 7 - ephemeral separation

And so, my banishment began.

Ha... I feel renewed. My steps naturally become lighter.

As I was walking down the road feeling fine, I noticed a carriage approaching from behind at high speed.

I immediately braced myself in case it was a thug sent by the Estark family, but I was wrong.

The person in the carriage turned out to be my pretty, younger sister.

She pushed open the door and rushed towards me.

The movement of my sword stopped, and my sister was even faster as she threw herself against me. At the risk of appearing too annoyed, I decided to let her do as she pleased.

My sister hugged my neck and put all her weight on it.

"Brother Licht! Brother Licht!"

She was crying and full of regret, and she didn't seem to want to stop. I guess once you realize that your mother had the intention of killing your half-brother, you can't force him to stay.

"I guess you've realized that Minerva-Sama and I can't be in the same place."

"...Yes... I understand."

"So, goodbye then."

"But I don't accept the idea of you leaving, so I'll go with you."

"Aren't you the lady of the Estark family?"

"I have learned to use the sword since I was a child. I'm sure Brother Licht knows my skills."

"Of course, but I also know that Ellen can't sleep when she has a different pillow than the one she usually uses. Have you forgotten when you went to visit your aunt, couldn't sleep, cried all night, and came home in the middle of the night?"

"That was when I was a child."

"That was a month ago. Your maid had thrown away your favorite pillow and you screamed."


"What I'm trying to say is that's what it means to be outside the castle. You have to be able to live insensitively. News flash, Ellen; you're too sensitive. You can't be an adventurer or a mercenary."

Ellen, who knows herself all too well, could not refute my words.

"... I don't have the confidence to live apart from my brother."

"We may be physically separated, but I will always be with you in your heart."

"...Are you serious?"


"Then prove it."

She closed her eyes and puckered her lips.

She looks like she's asking for a kiss.

Her rosy lips were seductive, but it didn't feel right to kiss my sister on the lips while out on the street.

So I gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"You'll have to do with this for now" I said.


Ellen smiles happily. She looks very adorable, I hope this has given her hope.

"Here begins my journey. I have not yet decided whether I will become an adventurer or a mercenary, but if I succeed and get a house of my own, I will contact you."


Ellen's face glows brightly.

That smile reminds me of sunflowers.

"Yes, and we will live together."

"It 's a promise!"


Being an adventurer or mercenary is not easy. I will be exposed to constant dangers, and a complicated life, it will take me many years to get enough money for a house.

By then, Ellen will be an adult. I'm sure she'll get married to someone else. She always says things like; "I want to marry Brother Licht!", but the love between brother and sister is only temporary, and when she's grown up, she'll realize what a fool she was as a child for saying things like that.

And when that time comes, I want to have a relationship with Ellen as two siblings who love each other and get along.

I want to create an environment where we can get together joyfully.

That was my modest wish as I left the Estark household.

My stepmother and brothers are bad people to me, but they are good to each other. I am sure they will be good to Ellen, and take care of her.

Besides, her father, the patriarch of the family, is an exceptional man. He adores Ellen, his only daughter, and I am sure he will do nothing wrong.

She returned to the carriage and went quietly back to the Estark estate, but in later years, she would come to regret it.



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