🐲 Chapter 7 - Days with the Dragon King

Practicing qigong is very simple.

The first step is to meditate and feel the Ki energy within you.

It is said that most people get frustrated and give up training at this point.

But, this kid didn't give up.

It took him 10 years to achieve this, which is longer than the average person who manages to perceive Ki.

I kept wondering how he was able to endure the Demon Lord's hard training and at the same time go through mine.

Looking at that innocent and happy child, I also felt strangely happy. It seems that, without realizing it, I have developed feelings for this boy.

But this doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on him.

Kukuku, I'm going to make him suffer!


100 years have passed since his training began.

"Qigong Art, 5th Offensive Technique, Great Red Lotus Waterfall!"

When Lucius strikes his fist against the ground, a huge shockwave was generated, causing a wave of destruction.

Um, both the power and the size are perfect.

With this, he has learned half of the offensive and defensive techniques.

"Rio-san, did you see!? I was able to do it!!!"

"Yes, I saw it, it was excellent."

Lucius was as happy as a puppy after mastering the technique. Kuku, he is so sweet.

By the way, the name "Rio" that Lucius just mentioned was given to me by him.

Since I was born I was called "Dragon Lord", but I never had a real name.

Overtime, it became something the boy didn't like, so he said, "That's not right! I'll give you a real name."

At first I thought it was kind of rude that he wanted to give me a name without consulting me first, but when he started calling me that, I didn't dislike it at all.

So far I had been treated as nothing more than a "Dragon Lord."

Be it the dragons who worshiped and respected me, or the enemies who feared and tried to defeat me.

They only paid attention to my title and no one saw me as an individual.

But when Lucius gave me this name, I felt so alive, like I was a real person, and not something to be simply worshipped.

Surprisingly enough, soon after Lucius started calling me that, even Testarossa started calling me Rio as well.

She and I used to fight all the time, but now we argue every day about how to teach Lucius.

What used to be a time of stress, fights and anger, changed the moment that boy came here.

Kuku, I can't wait to see how things will change in the future....


"I'll hit you with all my might! Make sure you don't die!"


I hit Lucius as hard as I could with my fist.

It was a blow with pure force, no magic or Ki added... But I'm a dragon, and a blow like this to a human wouldn't leave so much as a speck of dust behind.

"Aaaaaaaaah! Qigong art, 10th defensive technique!"

A shockwave swept through the entire area and cracks appeared in the surrounding space.

And Lucius, who was in the very middle of where such an impact occurred, successfully stopped my fist with both hands.

"Kuku, it seems that you have already mastered the Qigong Art as well as the guardian techniques. You managed to master all forms of Qigong in 300 years. As your master, I am very proud of you."

I put my arm around Lucius' shoulders and pat him on the head, praising him.

Haha, I feel so proud of him.

"Hey! Stop it, Rio! You're messing up my hair!"

"What! Lucius, looks like you still haven't understood that you can't go against me!"

I started tickling him and we laughed together.

This is cute, we look like a family playing together.

When I do this with Lucius, my chest feels warm.

I have never known this feeling, which I'm sure most families feel.

This feeling of warmth, kindness and relief in my heart.

I feel so grateful to this boy for teaching me this feeling.

But the more I learn about this feeling, the more difficult it is for me to continue his training.

Because when this training is over, Lucius will leave this place.

I'm sure Testarossa feels the same way. So much has changed in the last 300 years.

It's sad to say goodbye.

But we can't keep Lucius in this empty space forever.

I will make sure he returns to his world.

This is the least that I, the Dragon Lord can do, as a reward for him teaching me about love.

[Personal file]

  • Name: Rio
  • Race: True Dragon.
  • Title: Dragon Lord
  • Age: 304 years (approximately 12 human years)
  • Abilities: High level magic, draconic magic, Qigong.
  • Magic Power: SS
  • Qigong: SS
  • Physical strength: SSS
  • Intelligence: B
  • Title of the strongest: SSSS

Rio is the innate Dragon Lord who is the only heir to the lineage of the original dragons in ancient times.

She lost her parents before she was aware of it, and none of the other dragon tribes around her treated her as an equal or even properly, so she felt a great longing for her family and friends.

Her mental age is still young, but her skill and talent are exceptional among the Dragon Lords of the past, and it is said that she would have become the strongest Dragon Lord if she had grown up.

Rio adopted the ancient language as a way of showing her own effort to show dignity and commitment despite being young.



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