🐲 Chapter 58 - We will see each other again

🐲 Chapter 58 - We will see each other again

Lucius, Testarossa and Rio chatted a lot, shared anecdotes, as well as learned new techniques.

And to make up for lost time, the three lovers had long sessions of kissing each other.

However, time flew by. About six hours after Lucius' arrival at the infinite prison, his body began to change.

"Louis-kun...! What's happening to your body?"

Testarossa shouted as she saw Lucius' body turn transparent.

"Oh, my time has come.... That was quicker than I thought."

"Hey, Louis! What's going on? Explain it to me!"

"Um, this is the same thing that happens every time I visit Sakura-san. What I'm trying to say is that.... My stay here is over and I have to go home now."

After those words, Lucius explained the current situation to the girls. His body was in the real world. In other words, he entered the infinite prison with a spiritual body. In fact, he can touch and talk because of the power of his magic, and it's only temporary.

The separation of body and soul is a dangerous act.

If you separate from your body for too long, the link between body and spirit will be broken, and you may not be able to return to your original body. The time limit is about six hours in the infinite prison. At that time, Lucius' spirit will naturally return to his original body.

"...It's a shame to hear this. I'm going to miss you so much."

Testarossa smiles after those words and hugs Lucius tightly.

"Tess Onee-chan...?"

"It's strange. The time I spent in the infinite prison was much longer before I met Louis, but after he left, it felt like time was moving slower than normal."

Testarossa thought that the time before Lucius came to the infinite prison was very boring and bland.

Day after day, she had nothing to do but watch the hourglass that measured the outside time slowly go down. She felt her heart was slowly rotting away.

But every day since Lucius left has been full of life. What will I show him the next time I see him? Will he be eating well? Will he be sick?

I thought about that every day. And the same goes for Rio. Even if they didn't see him every day like they used to, Lucius' presence was undoubtedly a life saver for them.

"Good luck, Louis. You must do your best even when you return to the other side."

After Testarossa hugged Louis goodbye, Rio did the same.

"Don't forget that you have us on your side. Even if the world is your enemy, we'll be with you to support you."

"I will do my best."

Tears welled up in Lucius' eyes at Rio's strong and kind words. No other words could make him happier. The boy felt he could face anything after that. Lucius, who received a great power of momentum from both girls, hugged him back tightly.... And then he left.

"Thank you very much, we'll see you again soon..."

"Yes, I'll be waiting for you."

"Sure... We'll be here."

The three of them laughed together.

And in the blink of an eye, three people became two.

"He's gone..."

"Don't worry, he said we'll meet again."


But despite his words, Testarossa's face did not change expression. Rio notices this and worries about Testarossa.

"What's wrong? What's troubling you?"

"Maybe it's my imagination, but.... I could smell a little bit of him on Louis."

"Him? Who the hell are you talking about?"

Testarossa hesitates for a moment, but then decides to tell Rio the name.

"The person who sealed us in this place, the hero Ogre. I could smell his scent on Louis."

And at the same time, on the first layer of the infinite prison. Sakura was in a pensive state while looking up at the sky.

"Lucius... I know you can beat him."

She didn't have the same kind eyes she had the first time when she met Lucius. Her gaze was terrifying, as if a well of hatred and spite was in her pupils. There was an evil presence that didn't quite fit her beautiful face.

"You must defeat him... No, you must kill him. Please, murder that great sinner with your hands. You must kill him. You must kill him!"

And Sakura utters the name of the person she hates the most in this world.

"Kill the hero Ogre."

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