🐲 Chapter 57 - Together

🐲 Chapter 57 - Together

"Louis... kun!?"

When the Demon King Testarosssa saw Lucius jump on her chest, she was very surprised to see him in such a place.

Rio replied, "What the hell is going on!" as she felt panic at the situation.

"We're finally together again!"

Lucius buries his face into the body of both girls and begins to cry. It's only been three months since they separated, but it was very sad for Lucius to say goodbye to the two people he had been locked up with for 300 years.

Testarossa and Rio exchange glances when they see Lucius crying, and they both stroke his head to comfort him. The scene was full of compassion, like a mother caring for her child.

"You did your best, Louis-kun. It's okay, we're together again."

"Haha, you're still a crybaby.... Sniff..."

"Fufu, Rio, you're crying too."

"I'm not crying! You're the one with the wet eyes!"

The three of them laugh as if they were playing together, like a real family. The three of them went to the house created by Testarossa's magic, sat on the chairs and listened to all the anecdotes Lucius has lived through so far.

He told him absolutely everything he has done, the things he experienced in the kingdom, his relationship with Char, the descendant of the hero Ogre, his new friends, the school, his friend the prince... and about Sakura, the guardian of the infinite prison. He told them everything he experienced, without hiding anything.

"...And that's all I've experienced so far."

"Um.. Louis, first I want you to answer me something."

"What do you want to know?"

Testarossa rises from her seat, and hugs Lucius with blinding speed.

"It's terrible that you're dating a descendant of the Ogre hero!!! What about our relationship!?"

After those words, she hugs Lucius while burying his face in her large, ample breasts. Lucius' face was buried completely in that valley, his arms and legs flailing in despair of being suffocated.

Rio, who couldn't bear to watch as Testarossa continued to hug Lucius while still paying attention to his violent behaviour, grabs him by the arm and pulls him towards herself while exclaiming, "That's enough!"

"Oh god, I thought I was going to die on her breasts."

"Ouh, you poor thing, Lucius. Don't worry, I'll comfort you in a kinder way than that big-breasted devil."

"Hey! He's mine!"

"What are you talking about?!"

Testarossa and Rio get into a fight. Lucius apologizes to both girls as he says, "Um, did they get angry because of me?"

Seeing Lucius depressed, the Demon King and Dragon King stop fighting.

"Fufu, it's okay, Lucius-kun, we're just joking... We're not angry. Well, just a little, but everything's fine."

"No, it's alright. I'm more mature than that, Louis, it's trivial things. After all, you can't be the Dragon King's husband without first having a concubine or two."


Lucius is shocked by Rio's words. On the contrary, Testarossa's cheeks were still puffy, so she willed Lucius to talk about Char while she is present.