🐲 Chapter 56 - The return

🐲 Chapter 56 - The return

In the evening of the same day.

"Queeeeeee! Lucius! Queeeeeee!"

"Sorry, Palom. I have things to do today."

The wise parrot attempts to enter Lucius's room through the window, but he stops him while apologizing.

He was allowed to keep the parrot in the woods near the dormitory, and had named it "Palom". The animal is rather popular among the students for its warm and friendly mannerisms.

"...Okay, let's get this started."

In my hands is the bracelet of the legendary hero Oger.

I'm sure that by wearing this I'll be able to break another seal on the infinite prison.

Lucius willingly puts on the bracelet.

Since it is a magical tool, it adjusts itself to perfectly fit his arm.

In the next moment, the jewel on the bracelet begins to shine brightly.

"Ah, this glow is very intense..."

The light was much stronger and more intense than the one from when he grabbed Char's sword, and it gradually filled the entire room.

With the brightness filling the room, Lucius’ conscience faded.


Lucius awoke very drowsily.

A nostalgic landscape spread out in front of him as he opened his eyes.

"This is... The infinite prison."

It was a white landscape that emitted no sound around him.

"Well, which layer have I ended up in?"

Sakuraka had told me that this infinite prison is divided into layers.

First layer - Sakuraka the guardian.

Second layer - Unknown

Third layer - The Demon and Dragon Lords.

"If this is the second layer, I need to be very careful. I don't know what kind of monster I might run into."

With Lucius' current strength, it would be impossible to defeat someone around the same rank as the Demon Lord or the Dragon Lord.

There could be another Lord sealed in the second layer of this infinite prison. It would not be good if they ended up being hostile.

...But those worries were unnecessary.

Because there was no way the people in front of me would hurt me.

"...Ah, ah!"

I inadvertently let out a sound. I couldn’t control my emotions.

I've been looking forward to seeing them again ever since I left. I've missed them almost every moment....

I start to run while shouting the names of the two people that I loved.

"Tess Onee-chan!!! Rio!!! It's me!!!"