🐲 Chapter 54 - The subordinate

🐲 Chapter 54 - The subordinate

"...Hi, I'm Wolf Blackbite, the Boss's subordinate. Nice to meet you again."

At the beginning of the next day, we were in the classroom, all the problems related to the bandits had been solved, and our day off had already come to an end. A new version of Wolf had appeared at the Academy, with a friendlier attitude and the willingness to be open with people. Without warning, he stood in front of all our classmates and introduced himself to everyone, at the same time making an unexpected announcement that he was now Lucius' subordinate.


"What do you mean by that!?"

As expected, his classmates were in a state of confusion. From the very beginning, Wolf was a reclusive person who didn't socialize with anyone, so for him to come forward with such a friendly attitude was surprising to everyone present.

"Hey, Wolf! You can't say something like that in front of everyone!!!"

"Sorry, boss. I'm not very good at announcing complicated things."

"That doesn't mean you can't find a better way to say it."

As Lucius and Wolf argue, one of the three idiots, Barn, furiously gets out of his seat, his red Mohawk waving around.

"Wow there!!! You never even wanted to talk to us before! Don't try to be nice now!"

"Huh? You have a problem with that?"

The tension between Barn and Wolf flares. Lucius tries to intervene and stop them, but they pay no attention to him, ignoring his words completely.

"You don't want me to be his subordinate?"

"Lucius is my best friend, and apart from that, we are also his subordinates, which gives us special privilege to follow in his footsteps and be with him!"

"There is a difference between a subordinate and a friend, but there can only be one. Even an idiot like you should be able to understand that."

"You may have been chosen as Lucius' subordinate, but I will always be the number one! And I intend to prove it to you!"

Barn throws his glove at Wolf, and he picks it up without hesitation.

With that action, a duel was soon set up between Barn and Wolf. Meanwhile, Regus-sensei stood in a corner of the classroom with his hands on his head, worried about the situation that was unfolding.

"Let's get this started, you mohawk-moron! I'll kick your ass!"

As Barn and Wolf head out of the classroom, sparks flying between them, the rest of the students excitedly follow them out to see both students duel.

Regus-sensei was not too far behind them, since he had no choice but to referee the match between the two.

"How did I let this happen...?"

"Let them go, Lucius. They'll get tired after they've beat each other up a bit."

Char says to Lucius with your serious tone, leaving the poor boy stunned by the turn of events.

Yuri approached Lucius, who had no choice but to stay quiet in his seat. He was in no mood to watch the fight.

"Lucius, I have the bracelet you asked me to have appraised."

With those words, Yuri placed a silver bracelet with a large pink jewel embedded in it on Lucius’s desk.