🐲 Chapter 53 - The Giver

🐲 Chapter 53 - The Giver

"Can you tell me why you help others?"

Back at the warehouse, Wolf asked Lucius something unusual. Wolf still wasn't convinced that a boy of the same age would just risk his life for others.

When he asks him seriously, Lucius scratches the tip of his nose and answers with embarrassment.

"...I wasn't anyone special before, I wasn't strong, and I didn't have something that made me stand out either. But now everything is different."

Lucius begins to remember the past.

"I had no one, and one day I had two mentors who gave me all sorts of things... magic, wisdom, power, everything I needed to survive.... plus kindness and love. Those are things I got from my mentors."

Even now, when I think about it, it makes me want to cry.

The days the three of us lived together were a dazzling treasure for me.

"After I was filled with so many wonderful things that have been bestowed upon me by then, I made a decision."

Lucius looks at Wolf with an expression of resolution and says; "I want to be a supporter."

"A supporter?"

"Yes. I gained a lot of things that I will never be able to repay them for. That's why I decided to become a supporter of people, just like them. That's why I'm teaching all my peers what I learned from my teachers. Even though I often end up being taught by them."

Lucius laughs, embarrassed, and tells his true feelings. When Wolf heard Lucius' true feelings, he thought, "I'm no match for him."

He had always had selfish thoughts, to think of himself and to separate himself from other people as much as possible. Wolf was convinced that this was the difference between him and Lucius.

Then he willingly kneels down in front of Lucius and presses both his fists on the ground.

"Huh? What is it, Wolf?"

"This posture means 'total submission' in the eyes of the beastmen. Would you be willing to accept me as your subordinate?"

"My subordinate?"

Lucius was confused by the sudden offer. Naturally, he tried to refuse, but Wolf was determined.

"We can be friends! We don't need to go to such extremes!"

"Yes. But I'm sure you'll need it in the future, because you're not just a student, boss."


"I don't mind if you treat me like just another friend, but could I put my heart under your command, boss?"


Lucius was reluctant at first, but could sense Wolf's determination in his passionate words. Lucius considers that refusal would be an affront in the face of such determination from his friend, hence, he decided to agree to his request.

"...All right. In return, I'll treat you like a normal friend."

Wolf's face lights up upon hearing this, and he shakes Lucius' hand with much force and momentum.

"Really, very nice! Nice to meet you, boss!" he says.

"Yeah, same here, Wolf!"

Both boys shake hands with much devotion. Thus, Wolf became Lucius' first subordinate and a loyal servant for life.