🐲 Chapter 52 - Convergence

🐲 Chapter 52 - Convergence

“A beastman and a human are rampaging all over the Kingdom.”

The King sent out his knights after hearing that report.

The Kingdom's Knights who went to the scene after receiving their orders saw a beastman, a tired boy and an unconscious man.

The knights acted with caution when they saw Wolf.

All of their swords were pointed at the beastman. Seeing the troublesome situation, Lucius decided to act quickly and explain the situation to the knights.

For a moment they doubted that the unconscious man was a thief, and more so taking into consideration that one of the boys was a beastman, whom they couldn't help but be wary of, since, in the eyes of humans, they were the most troublesome race, and the ones with the worst reputation.

But despite that, the two could not go free since they were still highly suspicious people. As such, Lucius decided to ask to speak with his best friend, Yuri, the prince of the country.

The knights had their doubts, but if it turned out that the boy really was Yuri's friend, it would be a big problem.

The moment Yuri found out about such a situation, and that Lucius was involved, he left the castle as quickly as possible, and headed for the scene. He got out of the carriage and rushed towards Lucius while shouting; "Now what did you do!?"

"Oh, here he comes. Hi, Yuri!"

Lucius greets Yuri in a carefree manner, a smile on his face.

"Lucius! You're always causing trouble! What have you done this time!? You're giving me a stomachache!"

"I-I'm so sorry, Yuri."

Lucius apologized and proceeded to recount the situation from the beginning.

Yuri's anger calms down and disappears the moment he learns that Lucius and Wolf took down a highly dangerous criminal organization.

"...Huh. Well, I guess it's good that you were able to bring peace to the kingdom this time, but next time, you'll have to let me know before you do something like this! That way I can be prepared."

Next, Yuri began giving instructions to the knights. I told him that the bandits we defeated were still unconscious in the warehouse. He said he would take care of cleaning up that mess, so Wolf and I had nothing else to do but relax.

I kept wondering how those bandits could have such dangerous weapons like that...

While Lucius was thinking that, a large shadow slowly approached from behind him and... suddenly jumped at Lucius.



What landed on him was the wise parrot that the bandits had captured. I wonder where he was tucked in, as I didn't see when the knights appeared.

"What's wrong with you? You're free now, remember?"

The animal rubs its large head against Lucius, apparently not wanting to leave, and Wolf laughs at the funny situation.

"This is unusual, apparently the Parrot has taken a liking to you, boss."

"Huh? Really?"

When Lucius asked that, the animal let out an affirmative "Quee♪".

He really seems to like me.

"Hmm, what should I do?"

"Why don't you keep it? Wise parrots are just as smart as humans. I don't think it would be a bother, right?"

Wolf gave Lucius a fairly reasonable alternative, to which Lucius agreed with a smile on his face as he looked at the parrot.

"I'll ask the quarterstaff if I can keep him. As long as Yuri gives us permission, everything should be fine."

When the Parrot heard this, he squealed with delight. Yuri will get sick to his stomach again because of this arbitrary decision, but I'm confident that everything will be fine.

"But why does he want to stay with me?"

Lucius speaks softly while petting the animal, but Wolf could hear his words and responds;

"I think I have the answer to that question."


"Boss has a big heart and is kind towards everything around him. It's amazing that such a big heart can exist inside that little body. And I'm guessing this animal saw that in you."

Lucius realized that Wolf had called him "Boss" several times, and after those words of praise, he couldn't help but feel embarrassed about the whole situation. It was the first time someone had praised him so much, and he shyly replied between stutters; "That's.... Not quite true."

Wolf looked at Lucius very doubtfully and asked him an unexpected question;

"If it's alright with you, can you tell me why you're so willing to sacrifice so much for others?"