🐲 Chapter 50 - The chase

🐲 Chapter 50 - The chase

"Damn it, who the hell are these kids!?"

The bandit chief, Gillem, shouts as he flies through the sky on his bird.

"I was leading the perfect life in this country robbing people, and now you've ruined it!"

The kingdom has a low crime rate compared to other countries due to the Knights' frequent patrols. However, this also means that Gillem has very few competitors. In other words, not only has he managed to avoid being caught by the country's knights, but he also has a complete monopoly of the entire area.

The wily Gillem had sought out and bribed all the knights who had shown even a hint of malice or corruption. As a result, his robberies and kidnappings have been quite successful, as information about these criminal acts has never reached the ears of the superiors.

But now all of that has come to an end because of Lucius and Wolf.

But there was still hope for Gillem.

"...It's a good thing I brought this bird with me. If I manage to sell it for a good price, I can make myself some money and think about my next move afterwards."

The wise parrot is a rare species and sells for a very high price to collectors. The going rate is enough to build a small house. And one more thing, Gillem also had a silver bracelet that he wore on his arm.

It is a treasure Gillem found by chance in some ruins near the kingdom, with a large peach-colored jewel in its silver body. Even after appraising it, he couldn't tell when it was made or what it was made of, but Gillem's intuition as a thief told him that it was a tremendous treasure.

"Tch... I'll never forgive those guys! When I'm back in control, I'll get even with them...!"

Gillem was flying out of the kingdom, but he then suddenly noticed a black shadow leaping across the rooftops, following him. That strange figure was Wolf, and above him was Lucius.

Lucius saw a green form flying in the sky and pointed at it.

"There he is!"

"Don't think you'll be able to outrun us, you bloody thief!"

Wolf's agility was incredible. He could run across the rooftops without any difficulty and at astonishing speed. You could say he was on the same level as Merel.

"But how are we supposed to get to him...?"

"Hah…! I have a plan!"

Wolf said and then quickened his pace.

"Hey! W-Wait!"

Lucius realized Wolf's intentions and decided to hold on to him tightly.

"Hold on tight! Here we go!"

Wolf curls his whole body and kicks off the ground like a spring. His body soars into the sky while maintaining the speed he was running at, allowing them to reach the same height as the bird.