🐲 Chapter 5 - Days with the Demon King

[Demon Lord's point of view]

It's already been ten years since the boy started his training.

At first, the boy didn't even have the basics of magic, but thanks to my intensive training, he was able to grow into a decent mage.

I thought it would take longer, but he is growing faster than I expected.

But it's not because he has some special hidden talent....

Actually, there wasn't a shred of magical power within him, but his desire for power is driving him forward.

It's because of this insanely great desire that he was able to endure my arduous training.

At first I took him on as a disciple just to kill some time, not really having any expectations. But now that I see his progress, maybe this boy really will turn out to be someone very special....

Fufu, this is becoming a little more interesting.

A hundred years have passed since Lucious' training began.

"Super Flame!!!

The fire magic Lucious unleashed hit the ground, causing a large pillar of fire to rise.

Hm, the magic attack was good and his magic power is well-developed.

"Testarossa-San, how was that?"

Lucious comes running towards me, panting.

He's as cute as ever, like a little animal.

"Good job, Lucious-Kun. But I told you not to call me Testarossa-san. What did I tell you to call me?"

"Uh, umm... O... Onee-chan."



The moment I heard those sweet words, an electric shock ran through my lower abdomen.

It was thirteen years after Lucious-kun's training started that I first called him that because of my growing affection for him.

One day he was so exhausted from his training, he mistakenly called me "Onee-chan".

At that moment, my motherly, or rather sisterly nature, which had been sealed away since I became trapped in this space for thousands of years, burst out.

Since then, Lucious-kun has become a cute little brother to me.

Ryou was shocked when she saw me so attached and close to Lucious-kun, but that doesn't matter to me.

I will live my life the way I want. I have decided that I will live and give my life to this little brother of mine. He is someone very special to me, and he taught me what "love" was for the first time.

Leave all the work to your Onee-chan. I'll take care of getting you out of this place.

Even if it means never seeing you again....

"Dark Fire!!!"

The black flames released by Lucious-kun landed on the ground and burned the entire area in a hellish flame.

Honestly, that was unbelievable.

How could he have advanced so far in just three hundred years of training?

This is proof that love can do anything.

"Onee-chan, did you see that!?"

"Yes, I saw it. That was a wonderful display of dark magic."

I approached Lucious-Kun and stroked his head.

I am deeply touched by the fact that he was able to follow my training despite having such a small body.

What he just used was "Dark Magic", a form of higher ranked magic than the basic magic that humans usually use.

It's a special magic that can only be used by a few elite members of the demon race, and Lucious-kun already mastered it to perfection.

"Really... You've done very well..."

I can't stop thinking about him and the days we spent here.

It wasn't always easy. These years were very hard and painful because of all the training.

But they were also fun.

I never imagined that the days in this space would become fun until that boy showed up.

But these fun days are about to come to an end....


Lucious-kun looks at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

What's wrong with him?

"Are you crying...?"


Before I knew it, tears began to fall from my eyes.

I don't remember shedding a tear since I was born....

"Fufu. I've even been called the scariest Demon Lord that ever lived. I never thought the day would come when a boy like you would make me cry."

"Huh!? It's my fault?!"

"Yes, and you should be sorry."

"Can you tell me why?"

"No, that's for you to find out."

I started having a small conversation with him. This way I can forget the coming farewell... Even if it's just for now.

[Personal file]

  • Name: Testarossa S. Satanicus Harlequin Nordens.
  • Race: Demon - Chaos Blood.
  • Age: 17 years old (youngest Demon Lord of all time).
  • Abilities: High level magic, dark magic, first level Qigong (life-force cultivation
  • Magic power: SSS
  • Qigong: A
  • Strength: S
  • Intelligence: SS
  • Onee-chan grade: SSS

When she was 14 years old, she participated in a martial arts tournament to determine who would be the next Demon Lord, and although she was not the center of attention at all, this young member of the demon race defeated all the other fighters with her overwhelming magical power and abilities, and then went on to become the Demon Lord.

Her best friend made her enter said tournament, even though she herself would have had no desire to participate, nor to become the Demon Lord.

However, she has the personality of someone who cannot be refused when they demand something, and she used her natural charisma and knowledge to perform the Demon Lord's duties one after another flawlessly. With her good looks, she has the highest approval rating in history, her progress was unstoppable, and the demon tribe developed at a rapid pace under her rule.

The stories say that when the demons learned that the Hero had defeated her, their wails and weeping over her death overflowed in her country's capital for seven days.



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