🤺 Chapter 5 - Brother and Sister

According to tradition, I was going to have to face a duel.

I went back to my room, where I complained to my sister, the one who started all this.

"Ellen, why are you bothering me so much?"

"Because I want to be with my brother Licht."

She said it as she jumped into my arms.

Her floral scent tickles my nostrils.

While stroking her black hair, I put both hands on her shoulders and kept her at a distance.

"You're so mean."

"Don't joke like that, we're siblings."

"Your hugs are very passionate."

"Incest among the Estark family is no longer frowned upon as it used to be, but it's still troublesome."

"That's not entirely true, what is no longer well regarded is..."

Ellen again grabbed the book she had on the training ground and said;

"The Estark Family Rules, Article 45, Amendment 7, written on page 699, prohibits marriage between second cousins or relatives of a lower degree."

"Interesting, but do you know what would happen if we break the family code...?"

Ellen is a sweet and kind girl, but when it comes to me, she has very perverse thoughts, so to scare her, I ran my finger across her neck as a symbol of decapitation.

"That's cruel, Licht-Sama."

"It's your punishment."

"Hugging you is not a punishment. But if you really want to punish me, I want it to be something very lascivious, as if it were a sensual novel."

Ellen quotes such words while lying on my bed... A lewd punishment? This girl deserves a severe punishment, I walked up to her and smacked her on the head.

"Ugh... That hurts, Licht-Sama, please be patient with me."

My sister had tears in her eyes, it hurts me to see her like this. I will stop hitting her.

"I see you don't plan to stop with that. So I won't say anything, but it did bother me that you had to lie in front of everyone to save me."


Ellen stiffens her expression so much that the onomatopoeia seems to seep out.

"...What do you mean?"

"What you heard. Yes, there's a clause in the Estark family code about not being exiled in exchange for a duel, but it doesn't apply to bastards."

“ …………”

"How can you lie so openly in a situation like that? You've got a lot of nerve.

"It was to protect you, Brother Licht!"

''I'm glad you feel that way, but I don't want my sister to lie.''

That said, I hug Ellen. It is an ordinary hug, like that of two siblings.

"It's not fair... You can't be nice to me at a time like this."

"This way you won't do anything strange anymore."

" ......Okay.... How did you know I was lying?"

"You wiggle your nose when you lie."

Ellen hurriedly holds her nose. This makes her face turn red, but being a smart girl, she soon realizes it's a lie.

She puffs out her cheeks and says, "Ooooh, big brother Licht!"

"The nose thing is a joke... I know because I remember all the lessons from the Estark family."

"No way!"

My younger sister is amazed.

"I know Brother Licht has the memory of a genius, but can he remember all these huge old documents?"




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