🐲 Chapter 49 - Escape

🐲 Chapter 49 - Escape

Who are the beastmen in the first place? Their roots go far back in time.

Their ancestors were half human and half beast. Therefore, they have both the intelligence of humans and the physical abilities of beasts.

But normally, a human and a beast cannot have a child together.

The reason why beastmen were able to be conceived is because there was a very strong beast at that time. This beast that became strong enough to awaken the power of the royal crest was also strong enough to freely reproduce. Its power was so strong that it could conceive with another species.

And thus the beastmen were born. And in ancient times, beastmen had the ability to transform.

They could take the form of a beast, a man or a beastman, as Wolf is most of the time. However, present-day beastmen have lost their ability to transform throughout history.

But in extremely rare cases, beastmen with the ability to transform are born.


As Wolf finished his transformation, he slammed into the bandit, sending him flying through the air and crashing into the wall several meters away.

"Don't come near me!"

Shooting at Wolf was a futile effort. The bullets couldn't hit him because his speed was so fast, making him look like a flitting shadow everytime he moved.

Wolf runs the bandits one after another into the ground, beating them in only a few minutes.

When the bandit leader witnesses such a massacre, he decides that he can't win and makes his next move.

"Damn it, guess I have no choice!"

As he says this, he opens a large cage nearby and lets a large green bird out from inside.

Wolf is surprised to see it.

"That's the wise parrot! How could you capture such a rare species like that!"

The wise parrot is a giant bird that lives in the jungle. It was two meters long, a gentle, intelligent animal that likes tranquility. It is said to be more intelligent than humans, and because it is difficult to catch, it is traded at a high price among hobbyists.

"Hey! Start flying! Or do you want me to kill you?"

The bandit leader climbs on top of the parrot, and it starts flapping its wings rapidly. It then breaks through the roof of the warehouse, flying outside.

"Damn it, what do I do?"

Wolf had enough strength in his legs to leap towards the bird and knock it down with a single blow, but he didn't want to hurt the animal, as it was just being forced to take orders from it's master.

When Lucius sees Wolf confused, he stands up and approaches him, holding his aching stomach.

Wolf notices this and speaks to Lucius very anxiously.

"Hey, are you sure you should be moving right now?"

"Fufu, I can't just stand idly by while I watch you do all the work."

He's already used magic to remove the bullet and close the wound, but the pain isn't going to go away any time soon. However, seeing Lucius standing, Wolf makes a decision.

He knelt down and said; "get on me."


"Don't make me repeat myself. I told you to get on."

It's no wonder Lucius is confused. For someone like Wolf, a beastman who has been discriminated against by humans, to decide to help Lucius like that was a great display of trust from him.

Beastmen only allow people to get on their backs if they believe they can trust them with their lives.

"Honestly, I still can't trust all humans. But if you're a fellow outcast, I can trust you because you're just like me..... So will you get on my back or not?"

"Wolf.... Okay, let's take that guy out together!"

Lucius straddles Wolf's back. His fluffy back is so sturdy that it makes Lucius feel safe.

At the same time, Wolf felt a sense of security with Lucius on his back.

'I feel light, like a missing piece has been filled in. I guess I've always wanted someone I could trust.'

""Alright, let's go!!!""

They both declared before Wolf started running.

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