🐲 Chapter 48 - The awakening

🐲 Chapter 48 - The awakening


A bullet flies out of the gun barrel. Hearing that sound, Wolf realizes that he has been targeted, but it is too late. No matter how fast he is, Wolf was not prepared to avoid the bullet.

"Watch out!"

But luckily Lucius was able to react in time. At that instant, he couldn't use magic or a Qigong technique, but at least he could act as a shield.

Lucius places himself between the bullet and Wolf, using his own body as a shield. No matter how much he hardened himself, he can't use his muscles to deflect a bullet.

The bullet sinks deep into Lucius' abdomen, and it unfortunately manages to penetrate him.


Lucious writhes in pain and immediately drops to his knees. Wolf, who has come to his senses, rushes towards him in concern.

"Hey, are you okay!?"

With a pale face, Wolf checks his wound. Fortunately, the bullet doesn't seem to have damaged any internal organs. Nor is there much blood loss.

For the moment, Lucius was not under risk of losing his life.

"Why did you save me? I'm always saying how much I hate humans!"

"Hugh... Because you're like me, like everyone in Class Z. We're friends."

Lucius replies as Wolf holds him up.

"What do you mean?"

"We've been discriminated against too. Some of us were born with special talents, some with strange talents, and some of us had no talents to begin with. Despite our differences, we all had the same difficult childhood."

"I see..."

Wolf, who never wanted to get involved with anyone in the first place, had no idea that his classmates had the same background. He was convinced he was the only one who suffered.

"I was weak, and in the process of growing in terms of my strength, I experienced many things, and because of that, I was able to get here, and meet all of you. So I want you to change too, Wolf."


I have always felt discriminated against. I am the victim of all the evil acts humans have done against my kind.

But he was different. He had also been discriminated against by his own people.

I put all humans together and assumed they were all bad. What's the difference between that and lumping beastmen together and treating them as a lower class race?

For the first time, Wolf realized his mistake, and vowed to change.

He wanted to be just like this boy who, though smaller than him in stature, was much bigger in heart, intelligence and strength.

It was time to come out of his shell.

"Look at me, Lucius. I'll show you who I really am!"

Wolf gently lays Lucius on the ground and concentrates all strength in his body. To everyone's surprise, his body begins to distort, a rustling resonating.

Long black fur grows all over his body and his limbs elongate.

The tip of his nose lengthened, large fangs and claws grew on him, and his eyes turned red.... As soon as the transformation was over, a large and frightening black wolf stood in the warehouse.

"Okay, it's time to finish them off!"

The fog in his mind cleared, and the lone wolf that he previously was vanished. Wolf kicked off the ground hard and headed towards the bandits at high speed.