🐲 Chapter 47 - Bandits

The bandits begin to laugh as they see Lucius preparing to fight.

"You're so adorable... Hey, one of you guys take that kid for a little walk."


At the Leader's command, a burly man approaches Lucius as he clenches his fists. The scars all over his body hint that he is a fierce warrior.

"Don't hurt his face though! He's got a nice face, we can sell him at a high price to perverts who like children."

Lucius makes a disgusted face at the Leader's words.

The burly man extends his arm and tries to grab Lucius, but....

"Don't even think about it!"

The man's fingers crumple as he tries to grab Lucius. It's as if he's being crushed by something huge.

"[Tank Shell - Finger Squeeze]"

What Lucious did was simple. He stiffened his right hand with the [Tank Shell] technique to crush the man's fingers the moment he touched his hand. That would be enough to render the bandit's hands useless.

"Step aside."

Lucius mercilessly kicks the man as he writhes in pain. The man flies back through the air, over his companions and slams into the warehouse's wall.

Knocked unconscious, the man collapses on the spot.

"Who the hell is this guy...?!"

The boss, noticing Lucius' abnormal strength, points his gun at him.

"What's the matter, why are you shaking?"

"Shut your mouth, you son of a bitch! Shoot him!!!"

30 people started shooting at Lucius all at once. There was no escape. In addition, he had to think about Wolf, who was right next to him.

Lucius opens his hands and unleashes his Qigong to envelop the two of them in a cocoon of said power.

"Qigong style, Iron Guardian defense technique!"

A spherical wall of Qigong formed around them. The wall was translucent, but it has a very considerable hardness, making it repel all the incoming bullets.


Words of praise involuntarily leak from Wolf's mouth. Beastmen are not good with magic, but they have a great deal of Qigong. Wolf knew some beastmen who were good at Qigong, but he had never seen a Qigong technique as masterfully crafted as Lucius'.

"It's time to counterattack!"

As soon as the bandits ran out of ammunition, Lucius cancels the technique and launches his counterattack.

Because he was surrounded by a lot of stolen goods, he can't use his most lethal moves. So he is forced to attack them one by one.

"It's a monster..."

Fear wells up in the leader's heart as he sees his subordinates being swiftly defeated one by one.

'I can never beat this guy, my body screams at me, telling me I must give up. But my pride will not allow me to let myself be won by this boy', thought the leader.

The leader's next action took Lucius by surprise.

"Fuck you! If you're going to beat me, I'll at least take one of you!"

Thereupon, the bandit leader points his gun towards Wolf. But Wolf, who was concentrating on watching Lucius fight, didn't see the attack coming.

...A bullet was fired from the gun, headed straight towards Wolf.



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