🐲 Chapter 46 - Warehouse

"We're here... It looks like the suspect entered this building."

"Yes... I'm picking up a scent..."

Both boys followed the footprints and arrived at a large, old warehouse. It looks like it's been unused for quite some time, so why the hell did the culprit go in there?

"Alright, let's go in then."

Lucius opens the large iron door to the warehouse. A great clang echoes throughout the place. It seems that the inside was locked with an iron chain, but it was no match for Lucius' great power. The disjointed iron links simply rolled across the floor.

"Hey, the inside of this place is pretty spacious."

There was a lot of merchandise piled up inside the large warehouse. As Wolf examined inside, he found gold, silver, jewelry, magic tools and other expensive items that didn't look like they belonged in a warehouse like this.

Wolf clicks his tongue when he sees all these items.

"...I think we've gotten in way over our heads. This all looks like stolen merchandise. I'm guessing this warehouse is a hide out for a group of bandits. We'd better get out of here and call the guards."

"Certainly, you're right. But it's too late to run away now."

As Lucius said that, the door through which he entered closed with a great clang. A group of men came out of the shadows, surrounding Lucius and Wolf. In their hands they held pistols, a lethal weapon that was recently developed.

There was still a very limited number of such weapons, and it was a high class item. Which meant that this bandit group was a large organization with significant financial means.

"I thought the knights had found this place, but they're just kids. Are they lost?"

The person who was speaking was a large man who seemed to be the bandit chief. He was wearing gold accessories and jewelry all over his body. Clearly, he's making a lot of money from his robberies.

"Hey you! You guys stole those magic tools that were in the alley, and now everyone thinks it was me!"

"Alley? Magic tools? ...Oh, so that's why you're here."

The bandit chief pointed at a wooden box. On it were the words "Markus' Shop".

That's definitely the box.

"I knew it was you guys...! I won't let you get away with this!!!"

Wolf growls and blurts out many threats. But the bandits don't seem to mind, as they laugh at him.

"Hahahaha, excuse me, Wolf-kun, it looks like we gave you a hard time with what we did. How about I find your owner and reward him for the bad treatment you received?"

"...Hey you... Are you making fun of me?"

Wolf asks as veins pop out of his forehead. His eyes are filled with murderous intent, and blood drips from his clenched fists.

"It's what everyone says. A beast man needs a master, right? That's why I was looking for you. I have a very wealthy client who likes his beastmen young and muscular. I'm sure he'd love you!"

The henchmen around him burst out laughing at their leader's words. Wolf was about to go crazy with rage. He almost jumped on them unleashing all his fury, but Lucius stopped him before that happened.

"Don't lose your cool, that's what they want."

"Shut up! You're looking at me the same way they are, aren't you? You think I'm just some dirty beast!"

Wolf shouts with tears in his eyes. But Lucius looks him straight in the eye as he says "No, I don't think so."

His words were direct and simple. Normally those words would not move Wolf, but this was a different situation.

He was the only human Wolf felt he could truly trust.

"I guess it's okay."

Seeing Wolf regain his composure, Lucius is relieved and turns to the bandits as he raises his fists. The gentle look in his eyes from a moment ago has vanished, and now his eyes emanated a fierce gleam like the stuff of nightmares that would make even the toughest man tremble.

"...You're going to pay for insulting my friend."



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