🐲 Chapter 45 - Investigation


Wolf was taken aback by Lucius' words. The two of them had barely been able to hold a conversation and could hardly be called friends.

On the contrary, Wolf always rebuffed Lucius with threats when the boy tried to approach him.

He believed that all people were unworthy of his trust. But what about this person in front of him?

Instead of discriminating against him, he reached out to him. Why? How could someone like that exist?

It was then that Wolf first felt the kindness of humans. Lucious, not knowing that Wolf was thinking such a thing, said: "Well then, let's start investigating and find the real culprit!"

Lucius first checked the place where the box had been placed, but there were no fingerprints or clues to be found. You could say it was a complicated situation. However, Lucious had a trick up his sleeve.

"Activate - Analysis Magic!"

Right after citing the spell, the place where the box was last located glowed a white light that revealed traces too small to be seen with the naked eye.

"What kind of magic is this!?"

"It's analysis magic. I learned it from Chisha."

Lucius laughs as he looks at Wolf's surprised reaction. This magic is very difficult to learn, but it was easy for Lucius to learn it after Chisha taught him.

Although it was still not as accurate as Chisha's, it is still a great feat to learn analysis magic in such a short time.

Using their magical powers to find the culprit's trail, both boys followed the footprints until they saw where they led to.

"Hmm, looks like he went that way."

The glowing footprints continued to the end of the alley. It looked like the culprit had fled to the other side.

"All right, let's go get him!"

"Hey, wait for me!"

Lucius started running, followed by Wolf who was right behind him.

Markus muttered to himself as he watched the two boys run off at a speed that would be imperceptible to any normal person.

"Who are those boys...?"

Both boys ran down an alley where few people were passing by. Lucius had increased his speed with the power of Qigong. He is so fast that even in Class Z, only Merel can catch up with him.

But surprisingly, Wolf was keeping up with Lucius.

"You're really fast, Wolf. How amazing!"

"And you're too fast to be a human! Who the hell are you!?"

Wolf is confident in his speed, but his pride is shattered by Lucius, who was a human yet possessed the same speed as him.

Lucius had no way of knowing Wolf's thoughts, but he was so glad that he met someone else who is fast enough to keep up with him, so he started to increase his speed even more.

"Let's run faster!!!"

"How can you even do that!? I won't lose to you!!!"

Both boys ran through the alleys while kicking up a large cloud of dust in their wake.



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