🐲 Chapter 44 - The Beastman

The old man gazes at Wolf with contempt.

Wolf retaliates and shouts; "I didn't do it! And this old man won't stop judging me!"

Things don't seem to be getting any easier, so Lucius turns to the old man named Markus, who was a tool merchant.

Markus said that a wooden box containing magic tools disappeared after he placed them in the alley and took his eyes off them for a moment.

And unfortunately, Wolf was passing through the alley at the time.

So Markus suspects that Wolf stashed the goods somewhere.

"I told you I didn't do it!"

"Shut up! As if I'd believe anything a beastman says!"

Discrimination against beastmen still runs deep.

This is the first time I've seen something like this. However, discrimination towards beastmen is too deep seated to be erased by a single law. Even now, there are a number of restaurants and inns that refuse to admit beastmen.

And when there is a criminal act, it is not uncommon for a beastman to be suspected of being guilty.

Even in this situation, where there is no hard evidence that Wolf did anything wrong, there is a good chance that he will be charged with a crime.

I have to give it my best shot here. Since I am a human, surely this old man will listen to me.

With that in mind, Lucius stepped forward.

"Very well then, I shall find the real culprit! And if I find them, you'll let him go, won't you?"

"Oh? Well, I guess so..."

After hearing those words, Markus accepts Lucius' compromise.

"But you have time until this afternoon. If the real culprit doesn't show up, I'm going to report it to the royal knights."

"I understand, no problem."

Lucius turns to Wolf after agreeing to Markus' terms.

"Okay, let's find the real culprit!"

Wolf snarls at Lucius, who smiles after saying his piece.

"Hey, why are you sticking your nose where it doesn't belong? You've got nothing to do with this!"

He actually felt happy inside. Rarely had Wolf ever had someone stand up for him.
But Wolf's heart, which was twisted by years of discrimination, couldn't accept Lucius' kindness with open arms.

"What do you want from me? You're not doing yourself any favors by being nice to me!"

Wolf is wary of Lucius' kindness, frowning at the sight of him. Lucius, however, was very calm.

And after a few moments of silence, he said something that pierced deep into Wolf's heart.

"Hmm, Wolf, you're overthinking things. I'm not thinking about using you or asking you for any favors."

"Then why are you getting involved with me? You'll only waste your time and get a bad reputation if you hang out with a beastman!"

Lucious laughed at his words and replied, "Of course not, because we are friends."



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