🐲 Chapter 42 - Achievements

Back in the infinite prison...

Lucius and Sakuraka were clashing swords with each other.


Sakura takes advantage of an opening in Lucius' defense and thrusts her sword into his side.

But Lucius ducks and dodges the blow. In response, he swings the Dragon Lord's Sword towards Sakura's head, whose defense was meager.

A red streak appeared on Sakuraka's cheek and blood seeped out of it. She tried to dodge Lucius' blow by throwing her head back, but the boy seemed to be one step ahead of her.

Sakuraka wiped the blood gushing from her cheek with her thin fingertips, then smiled slightly before lowering her sword

"Fufu, I couldn't accept that you were better than me... But it seems I have no choice but to surrender."

"Haha, I've had many good teachers."

The two sit on the nearby chairs while chatting and drinking the tea Sakuraka prepared.

Lucius was called to the infinite prison once every four days to receive sword training from Sakuraka.

And in the real world, both Char and Ibuki taught him how to use the sword, so Lucius' sword skills were improving rapidly.

"Come to think of it, how come you're in an infinite prison, but you're not with Tess Onee-chan and Rio?"

"This is a different level of the Infinite Prison than the one you were in. This is the first layer, which is the closest to the real world. The Demon and Dragon Lords are in the last layer, which is number three."

"Wait a moment! If what you're saying is true, that means there's a second layer that I haven't been to yet! Is there someone there!?"

"Yes, but I can't say who it is. I'm forbidden to."

"I see..."

Lucius became depressed after hearing those words.

Sakuraka doesn't want to tell me the important things. Apparently it's the hero who holds her under such obligations.

"Hey, Lucius. You seem to know the hero's offspring in the outside world. What kind of kid is she?"

"Hm? You mean Char?"

It's rare for Sakuraka to ask questions like that. Although I guess it's normal for her to be curious about her master's descendant.

I told Sakuraka-san about Char with a lot of grace.

I told her how we didn't get along well at the beginning, and we had our problems, but now we are best friends.

And that she is a very nice girl.

When Sakuraka-san heard my story, she changed her expression from laughter toone of surprise.

When I first met Sakuraka-san, she seemed rather cold. But lately, I've realized that she is a very kind and gentle person.

The moment I finished speaking, her face had a satisfied expression.

"....Fu, I see. It seems that the hero's descendant lives on happily. I am glad."

"Yes, the joy conveyed by Char also saved me."

As the two conversed, Licius' body grew transparent, as if he was about to disappear. This is a sign that his time in the Infinite Prison is over.

The amount of time Lucius can spend in the infinite prison with his astral body is approximately one minute in the real world. This is equivalent to about 6 hours of infinite prison.

"Looks like it's time to say goodbye."

"Yes. Thank you again for your time."

"...I hate to say this, but..."

Sakuraka pauses with a serious look on her face.

"Lucius, please be careful of the creationists."

"Creationists? What's that?"

"I can't tell you the details, but as long as you try to dispel the infinite prison, you will definitely cross paths with the Creationists."

Sakuraka's face became very intimidating with those words. She was completely serious about Lucius being very careful, but at the same time Lucius was nervous.

They must be a very strong and evil group of people for Sakuraka-san to be so wary of them.

"Never try to meet them, always keep your guard up and don't trust them even for a moment, or you'll fall into their traps."

"Y-Yes, I will."

When Sakuraka heard those words, she regained her friendly expression and said goodbye to Lucius.



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