🐲 Chapter 40 - Magic

"Qigong art, fourth offensive technique!!!"

As Lucius shouts, his whole body begins to glow a golden light.

This is a technique that increases one's physical ability explosively instead of continuously consuming their Ki.

With the amount of Ki Lucius has, this technique will only work for five minutes. However, during that time, he will become far stronger than normal.


Lucius' attacks with the sword, which had been passive until now, become more frequent and stronger.

His reflexes have improved, as well as his muscle strength, so he can now evade attacks that are impossible to predict, and attack when he finds an opening.

"Fufu, interesting. So now you can move a little faster."

After saying those words, Sakuraka's own movements become faster as well.

Her speed is so fast that Lucius' eyes can't follow her movements. Lucius' tactics depend on reading his opponent's movements, deducing their center of gravity, and following their line of sight. However, even with the power of Qigong boosting him, that was no longer possible. His body also suffered a lot of damage from his opponent's sword.

"Ugh... Not yet...! Super physical strengthening!"

Magic and Qigong overlapped. The effect behind this skill was on another level, causing Lucius to cancel all of Sakuraka's sonic cuts.



Lucius clashes swords with Sakuraka, placing all his strength in his arms, causing Sakuraka to let out a small scream.

For the first time during the whole battle, Sakuraka lost her balance. This was the perfect opportunity for Lucius. If he doesn't take advantage of it, he will never have another chance to win.

'I'll gather all my strength and launch the best attack I can!!!!!', thought Lucius.

"Magic-Soul art... Dimensional slash!!!"

The attack Lucius launched at the last minute was a very powerful blow that combined magic and Qigong, creating a truly miraculous balance between the two powers.

This is the first time Lucius has found himself in a life-threatening situation, so he was able to successfully perform a combined art that he had never done before.

Sakuraka smiles at the sight of Lucius' technique.

"Interesting, the strength of your attacks is not tied to your physical strength."

Lucius' powerful attack quickly approaches Sakuraka.

But she doesn't flinch, she holds her sword gracefully and takes the blow head on.

"Cherry Blossom-Blade Strike."

A shower of blades suddenly appears, turning into an iron shield that protects Sakuraka.

Lucius' Dimensional attack tries to break through the cherry blossom strike, releasing a rattling sound through the air... But it's defense force was so great that Lucius' attack couldn't break through.


Magic, Qigong, the strength in his arms, his spirit and his thoughts. Lucius puts all his power into a single attack.

He is so powerful that he overcomes the limits of the physical body and... He finally breaks the cherry blossom strike.

...But that was his limit.

There was nothing to block his attack anymore, but Lucius had already exhausted all of his magic and Ki.

He doesn't have the strength to launch one last strike.

"Damn... Just... A little... More..."

Lucius loses consciousness and collapses, but Sakuraka gently catches his body.

As she does, a fine scratch appears on Sakuraka's forehead, a thin trickle of blood flowing from it.

"Fufu, I see you've managed to wound me."

Lucius' attack had hit her, and Sakuraka rejoiced at this feat.

"...You've done well to come all this way with this little body of yours."

Sakuraka gently strokes Lucius' head, who has lost consciousness. Her eyes are full of compassion, like a mother caressing her child.

"Your fate is too heavy and hard, and you will face many difficulties in the future."

Sakuraga lifts Lucius' bangs and looks at his still young face.

"May the blessing of the cherry blossom trees be upon you, dear. And may many others help you in your trials."

Next, she gently presses her lips on Lucius' forehead, after which Lucius' form dissolves into light and disappears, returning to his original body.

Sakuraka mutters a single phrase while watching him.

"The reason I asked for your help is because the fate of the world depends on you."



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