🤺 Chapter 4 - The True Value of Magic (The Magician's Perspective)

Suddenly, a duel was to be held at a military academy, so the magic measuring device had to be put away. While the magician hired by the Estark family was hurriedly putting the machine away, he received a report from his assistant

"Sir, there seems to be a problem with the machine."


This is bad.

The magical power measuring device was a legacy of an ancient magical civilization and was an expensive artifact. If it broke, the repair costs would be astronomical. Furthermore, if the magical association discovered that the device was broken, I would be in serious trouble.

I can't afford to lose my job.

The magician examines the measuring device with that in mind. He opens the panel for inspection and analyzes the records.

Recent persons who have used the machine are displayed.

..... No particular abnormality was found.

"Ha~... you scared me. There's nothing wrong with it."

"Oh, no, sir, it's not the machine that's wrong. There's something wrong with the numbers...."

"What's wrong with them?"

I checked the list of numbers, and the number displayed was 332.

"Isn't that the magic value of the Marks-Sama? What's the problem?"

"No, not that one, the one before that.".

"The one before? You mean the bastard's?"

When the magician analyzes the previous number, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"What the hell!? The magical value recorded is 1123!!??"

"Exactly. It's strange, isn't it? Because the projected number was [11]."

"Um... But the device is not broken."

No matter how many times I analyzed it, there were no anomalies in the machine.

This means that someone has manipulated the number projected by the machine.

There were many in this place, besides me, that could've tampered with the machine.

''...Is it really possible to have such magical value?'''

1123 is a ridiculous number. It's five times the magical value of an ordinary magician.

"...Maybe the best wizard in the Estark family is that bastard Licht?"

The only one who has the magic power to manipulate the magic value of the machine is Licht. That's the only thing I can think of. But what I can't understand is why he would do such a thing.

The magician could not understand why Licht had to lie about his magic power, even though he would be banished if his magic power was low.

"...Is it really that hard to be a nobleman?"

The world of the aristocracy is a world of vengeful spirits, of mountains and rivers, swirling with power and intrigue. It is not easy to live with an abundance of magical power, as the saying goes. Besides, Licht is a bastard, meaning his position in the Count's family must be a delicate one.

"...Poor boy."

The wizard thought so, so he decided not to report anything to the Estark family; surely there would be an uproar if Licht's true power was revealed.

"...Well, I'm a hired wizard. My job is to make the machine work properly."

After saying so, the magician decided to return to the royal capital.

The duel between Licht and Marks will take place in the afternoon, and I have no intention of watching it. My disciples say it is a waste of time, and if you ask me, there is nothing more boring than a duel where the winner is already decided. I'm sure Marks-Sama will be in for a big surprise.

That's how outstanding Licht's magical power was.



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