🐲 Chapter 39 - The test

"Train me?"

"Yes. My mission is to break the seal on the infinite prison. To do that, you need to become stronger."

Saying that, Sakuraka held her sword and brandished it in front of me. Her movements were so beautiful and powerful that they made me feel that she was being serious, and that she was a very powerful person.

"Now, draw your sword. In your spiritual state, you can do things you wouldn't be able to do in the real world. If you imagine creating a sword out of thin air, you will succeed."

"Wow, it really worked!"

When I imagined the Dragon Lord's sword, it suddenly appeared in my hand, as if I had had it with me all this time.

"Now get ready, it's time to start your training...!"

Immediately after saying that, Sakuraka disappeared.

The next moment, I felt a sharp murderous aura, as if my head was about to be cut off. In response to that feeling, I ducked down, and Sakuraka's sword passed right over me.

(That was close... If I had reacted a second later, my head would have been taken off).

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that when the spirit body dies, the original body goes into a vegetative state, unable to reawaken. So make sure you don't die here."

"You should have said so from the beginning! Don't just try to kill me without saying anything! If I die, the seal won't be broken!"

"If you die here, then that means you were never fit to break the seal in the first place. This is a life and death test."

Saying that, Sakuraka swings her sword again.

The blade of Sakuraka's sword undulates like a snake as she attacks Lucius. The sword flashes came from all directions, sometimes from the front, and sometimes from his blind spots.

Lucius's defense was pushed to its limits bu Sakuraka's graceful and precise attacks.

(Her strength is incredible...! It's on the same level as Tess onee-chan and Rio!)

Lucius desperately uses the Dragon Lord's sword to block the attacks, but it is impossible for him to stop them all.

The blows he could not avoid cut into Lucius' body, gradually chipping away at his strength.

Thanks to his Qigong, Lucius' natural healing ability far surpasses that of a normal person, but even so, it's still unknown how long he can hold on.

"What's the matter, didn't your teachers teach you any swordsmanship...?"


I gritted my teeth helplessly.

It's true that I've reached my peak in developing my magic and Qigong techniques, but sword fighting is something I haven't improved. If anything, my swordsmanship is second-rate at best.

But I can't lose here. If I can't beat her with my swordsmanship, then I will have to fight with a combination of skills. After all, I had two wonderful teachers who taught me many things.



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