🐲 Chapter 38 - The truth

🐲 Chapter 38 - The truth

Hearing those words, Lucius is overcome with doubt and grows wary.

If what she just said is true, then she is the hero's friend. In other words, she is Tess onee-chan and Rio's enemy.

Lucius glared at her and took a stance to fight at any moment.

"You can rest assured, I'm not your enemy."

"Then what do you want from me, why am I in the Infinite prison again?"

"The reason you are here is simple: You have broken one of the seals of the Infinite Prison."

"I broke a seal...?"

"Yes. In the real world, you have some of the hero's belongings, right? For that reason, the hero's seal was broken."

That reminds me of when I received the hero's sword from Char, something seemed to glow. That must've been the sign that the seal was broken.

"You and the infinite prison are deeply connected. If you collect all the hero's relics, the seal of the infinite prison will be broken."

"Are you serious!?"

Lucius was happy to know that one of the seals had been broken, and he was also very delighted to have found a way to free Tess onee-chan and Rio, something that had been a mystery to the three of them for a long time.

With Char's help, it shouldn't be difficult to collect the relics. It looks like saving Tesstarosa and Rio will be easier and faster than I thought.

But there is a question that plagues Lucius' mind.

"Why is Sakura-san telling me this? If you are the guardian of this place, wouldn't you be failing in your mission to keep the seal from being broken?"

"...The role of the infinite prison is over. It is an abnormal situation that this place still exists. As it's guardian, I have a mission to end this infinite prison."

"The role of the Infinite prison is already over... What the heck does that mean? Why did the hero seal the demon and dragon lords in the first place?"

"...I don't have the authority to talk about it."

No matter how many questions I asked, she would never tell me the reasons why Tess and Rio were sealed.

I can't help but feel a little puzzled. Still I have to be glad because now I know how to release them.

"By the way, I don't know how I came to this place. Why am I here? Can I go back to the original world?"

"You have come here in your spiritual form, but your real body is still sleeping in the real world. So you will soon return home. And the reason I called you was..."

As Sakura stands up, she makes a long, thin Japanese sword appear from an empty space, wields it, and points it at Lucius.

"...To train you."