🐲 Chapter 36 - Senpai

Anyway, there's nothing else to do today, so I'll hang out.

Just as I made up my mind and was wandering around the hallway, I heard someone's voice calling me.

"Hey, are you Lucius, the one from the rumors?"

"What? Um, I guess so."

The person approaching me was a handsome young man with long brown hair.

"Sorry to call out to you suddenly. My name is Sion, I'm in Class 2-A. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Lucius shook hands with the young man who greeted him.

Such a strange man.

That was Lucius' first impression of Sion.

Although he had a good appearance, there was an aura about him that was not very clear, one that was shrouded in mystery.

"Um, Sion-senpai, is there a reason you want to talk to me?"

"Not really. I was just curious about what kind of guy you were. It's kind of inevitable not to want to talk to you."

"Uh, what kind of rumors are being spread about me...?"

"Well, you know, because of what happened yesterday with Haulo and his friends."

"Ah, I see... Then it even spread to the sophomores..."

[The attack on Class 1-A]. This is how the incident of Lucius and the three idiots is spreading among the students.

Originally, Class Z was perceived as a bad class by other students, but this incident has made that impression even stronger.

"Well, in my case, I found it rather laughable. The sophomores are amused that the freshmen are so energetic."

"Hahah, I'm glad you enjoyed it..."

Lucius blushes with embarrassment.

"It's good that you're cheerful, Lucius, but..."

Sion, who had spoken kindly up to that point, suddenly became serious.

"Don't think that everything will be as you expect. You're strong, I'll give you that, but there are many stronger and scarier things in this world."

I can feel a kind of pressure from Sion. It's like his person is a bottomless pit. It's truly unbelievable that there are people with this aura in the academy....

Lucius starts to feel nervous, yet excited at the same time.

"Thanks for your advice, but don't worry, I've already met two people much stronger than me."

"Fufu, I see. Then, take it as a little advice."

Sion laughs, then turns around before disappearing out of sight.

Lucius' school life has only just begun.



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