🐲 Chapter 35 - Problems

"You went too far!!!"

Yuri's loud voice echoes in Class Z's classroom.

There are four students sitting on the floor in front of him.

They were Lucius and the three idiots who wreaked havoc in Class A.

"Haah~... I can't believe all of this happened the second I took my eyes off of you. Now how am I going to explain this to my father!?"

"But they started it..."

"Shut up, Barn!"

Yuri yelled, and Barn straightened his back. Even Barn, who has a bad attitude, felt the pressure and anger given off by Yuri.

"Well, fortunately, the other side made the first move, and I'm glad we were able to end this... One false move, and we could start a war in the school, you know? You should be more careful what you do from here on out."

When Yuri said those words with a weary face, the four of them cheerfully replied, "Yes!"

The Class A incident soon became a huge topic throughout the school.

When Yuri had heard what was unfolding in Class A, he rushed over, but by the time he arrived it was too late. The place was a mess, and several students from Class A were lying on the ground, injured. Not to mention that he witnessed the scene in which Lucius and the three idiots were celebrating and high-fiving each other.

Yuri felt dizzy and almost fainted at the sight, but he managed to hold himself together. He too had grown mentally stronger during his time in the Class Z.

It was past noon the next day when everything was settled. If it wasn't for the king, he wouldn't have been able to convince the nobleman's parents to come to an agreement in such a short time.

"I'm sorry, Yuri. I got you into a lot of trouble."

Lucius apologized to Yuri, who sits back in his chair, looking very exhausted.

"Haha, it's okay. Ever since I decided to work with this class, I was expecting trouble."

Yuri laughs with dead eyes. Lucius felt very guilty at the state his friend was in.

"Next time, I'll be sure to talk to you before I do something like that."

"Yes, please do."

With those words, Yuri plopped down on the desk and took a nap.

Apparently he's been working out all the trouble I've caused, so he hasn't slept at all.

By the way, we are on self-study time, as Regus-sensei has been summoned to a meeting related to what happened yesterday.

'I will have to apologize to sensei later'. Lucius leaves the classroom while thinking that.

There was no particular reason for it, but even though everyone was studying or practicing magic in the classroom, I didn't feel like mingling with them.



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