🐲 Chapter 34 - The end

A magical light envelops Merel's legs, strengthening his physical capabilities.

In this state, Merel is fast enough to run 100 meters in two seconds. Avoiding the blows of the three boys will be a piece of cake.

"What's going on, why can't I hit him!?"

"So slow... I'm about to yawn from boredom."

The three begin to run out of breath as their punches continue to strike thin air.

Merel takes his chance and throws a super fast kick that hits their jaws.

The three students, whose brains are rattled in their skulls at high speed, lose consciousness and collapse on the spot without even realizing they've been kicked.

"Hoho, I think I overdid it a bit."

Upon seeing his friends defeated in an instant, Haulo immediately understands that he has no escape.

Lucius starts walking towards him and the others.

"Don't come near me!!!"

"Hey hey, you guys were the ones who started this, not us. Don't make me look like the bad guy now."

Lucius gets angry as he puffs out his cheeks adorably.

"I-I'm sorry! Forgive me! I'll give you whatever you want! Money?! I'll give you as much money as you want!"

"I don't want it."

Haulo desperately begs for his life, but Lucius doesn't care and slowly approaches Haulo and his cronies.

"Ah, I know! I'll make you a nobleman! I'll talk to my father... He might make you a low-ranking noble..."

"Still not enough."

Lucius stops in front of him. He then takes a stance and releases a fist that impacts Haulo's right cheek, causing him to let out a pitiful grunt.

But the attack doesn't end there, as Lucius's fists went to other parts of his body in a fraction of a second, hitting him repeatedly, breaking several of his bones.


The pain surpassed Haulo's ability to take it, and he collapsed unconscious, his eyes rolling back.

Haulo's friends, who observed the situation, began to tremble and understood that they picked a fight they shouldn't have.

"You guys."


When Lucius called out to them, they responded with a yelp.

"You guys still want to mess with us?"

The three boys shook their heads sharply.

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The End of a Short and Harrowing Journey
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