🐲 Chapter 33 - The counterattack

Haulo and his six companions unleash a variety of magic against Lucius and the three idiots.

Their aim is not good, but each individual attack is powerful. I have to be careful that those attacks don't hit the onlookers from other classes gathered in the hallway.

While Lucius was thinking that, one of the three idiots, the giant Dokata, jumps in front of Lucius.

"Leave this to me!!! Mid-wall Barrier!!!"

A glowing blue magic barrier appears in front of Dokata and absorbs all of the attacks that were released by Haulo and his cohorts.

Haulo's face paled at the sight of such defense magic .

'This is ridiculous! How is it possible that our magic was negated by something as basic as that!? And by a guy whose name I don't even know!!!!'

Barn starts generating his spell at the moment Haulo and his friends are perplexed by Dokata's magic.

"Haha! Way to go, Dokata!!! Leave the rest to me!!! I have my own special explosive bomb primed and ready!!!"

Barn activates his magic, and Haulo, along with several of his friends, are blown into the air.

Explosive magic, rather than being inherently powerful, is difficult to control and impossible to activate with this kind of precision.

However, Barn participated in Lucius' after-school training (known as 'Lucius Juku') every day and managed to improve his accuracy while maintaining his power.

"Hey, Haulo!!! Weren't these guys supposed to be easy to beat!!?"

"Shut up!!! If you have time to talk, you also have time to attack!"

"I can't use magic without a wand!"

Haulo and his friends were trapped, faced with a situation where they could only use two spells, neither of which would be as effective in taking their opponents down.

They've used magic in classes, and also dabble in intimidating the weak, but they've never had experience in actual combat.

In contrast to them, Lucius and his friends have been training every day at school by imitating real combat. And they have already mastered the method of efficient magic casting without a wand.

In terms of strength, Class A was simply no match for Class Z.

"Damn it, we can't win this!"

With those words, three of Haulo's friends ran away.

But before they could get far, Merel blocked their way.

"Where do they think you're going? This is just getting started."

"G-Get out of my way if you don't want to get hurt!"

The three boys underestimate Merel because he was small, so all three of them clench their fists and go about throwing punches at him.

Seeing this, Merel smiles and casts a spell.

"Bulking Leg Strength....!"



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