🐲 Chapter 32 - Facts

Lucious' words made Class A upset.

It was as he said, Class A had gone to a beach in the northern part of the kingdom under the pretext of observing the sea monsters.

"What difference does it make? Do you think something like that can be used as evidence?"

"That's not all. There were shoe prints in our classroom. And they weren't just any shoe print, they are custom-made shoes that cost several times more than normal students' shoes. Only a few students have them, Haulo-San, and you are one of them."


After those words, sweat starts to trickle down Haulo's forehead. Surely those shoes are the ones Haulo and his friends are wearing.

"W-Wait a minute! This is all just circumstantial evidence! You would doubt us even if there's no hard proof!?"

After Lucius observed Haulo's desperate attitude, Lucious sighed and raised the hair before Haulo again.

"I was willing to forgive you if you had confessed, but it seems that you are quite stubborn."

"Don't be an idiot. We didn't do it."

"I've had enough of this. Here's your proof. Activate Chronometer - Temporal Rewind!!!"

As Lucius recited his spell, the hair in his hand floated up and flew towards Haulo.

"What are you...!"

The hair sticks to Haulo's scalp, leaving him shaken.

"You...! What did you just do!?"

"I used magic that turns back time on objects. I turned back time on the hair to when it was still growing on the wearer's head. That means the hair that fell out was yours, Haulo."


Haulo is astonished to hear those words.

The magic that Lucius just used is something that even a high level mage can't easily use. How is it that a commoner like him can use something like that?

I can't accept something like that!!!

Haulo is too frustrated to think and pulls out a short wand from his waist and points it at Lucious.

"...What do you think you're doing?"

"This is a purge! I'm going to purge all the commoners in this world! So get ready!"

Following Haulo's words, his group of friends also took out their wands and pointed them at the three idiots

They were so angry that they failed to remember that pointing a wand at a student is a violation of not only the rules of the school, but also the laws of the kingdom.

By doing such an act, Lucius and his friends had the right to self-defense.

"I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, Barn. You don't have to hold back anymore."

Lucius says to Barn as he smiles. That was what the boy wanted: to initiate this right of self-defense so Barn and his friends could attack.

He knew his opponent had great pride, and if he managed to corner him, he would reach his limit of endurance, which would inevitably result in him and his accomplices doing something stupid.

Everything went as Lucius planned.


At Haulo's signal, the students unleashed a great amount of magic at the four boys.

However, Lucius and his friends simply laughed out loud.

It's time to fight back.

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