🐲 Chapter 3 - The contract

300 years ago.

A legendary hero was born at a time when the power of the human race was still at its weakest.

That hero's name was Oger.

According to legend, he had a muscular body of more than three meters in height, a great talent for magic, and there was no other human who could defeat him.

And, above all, his kindness was so great that tales of it have been passed down throughout history.

He saved countless people by slaying many evil demons and magical beasts to save the downtrodden.

Finally, after defeating two powerful opponents, the "Demon Lord" and "The Ryuo", he is said to have retired from the battlefield and disappeared from society.

"No way... It's not possible for the Demon l and Dragon Lords to be sealed here..."

If something like this were to become known, it would cause an uproar amongst the people.

But why did the legendary hero seal them rather than defeat them? Maybe they were too strong to be defeated?

Hmmm. No matter how much I think about it, I can't figure it out.

Instead of thinking about the past, it would be better to think about escaping now.

I would be lost if I were alone in this blank space, but luckily there are two people here who are much more amazing than me.

They might know how to get out of here.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared, but I have to work up the courage to talk to them.

"Um... I..."

"Hm? Is something wrong?"

The one who answered was the Demon Lord Onee-San, who was wearing a very lustful outfit.

I think her name is Testarossa-san.

She seems to be smart, so she might know something about it.

"Well... Do you know how to get out of here?"

"Get out of here? Fufufufufu!"

Testarossa-san suddenly started laughing.

Did I say something funny?

"Ahem... I'm sorry, boy. I didn't mean to make fun of you."

"Then what's funny?"

"What's funny is that it's impossible to get out of here... And then you came over and asked me something like that with such a serious face."


Hearing those words made me lose all my strength and I involuntarily fell down on my knees.

Am I going to be trapped in this empty place for the rest of my life!!!??

"If there was a way out of here, we would have done it already..."

Ryou was the one who stepped forward and spoke. She returned to her girlish appearance, shedding the intimidating dragon form she had taken earlier.

They make a good point, though. The Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord are supposed to be the most powerful beings on earth, so if they haven't left this place in 300 years, it must be for a reason.

And I, being just some weak and dumb human, have even less of a chance of making it. It's natural for them to laugh at me.

"We are under a sealing spell cast by that bastard hero, so even if we try to break through this dimension and escape, our souls won't be able to leave this place. Look, here's the proof."

Ryou lifts up her clothes and shows me her chest.

There was a small magic circle engraved on her chest.

So this is a type of sealing magic?

Even though I fell into this space, I don't have any magic circle anywhere on my body.

I started to check every part of me, but I didn't see anything like that magic circle.

Why don't I have it?

"Do you..."

"Hey!!! What are you doing!!?"

Testarossa-san suddenly starts touching my body.

Uh, this is really embarrassing. I thought about resisting, but I'm totally helpless. I'm not strong enough, and my body being groped doesn't help.

Eventually, Testarossa-san, who had touched every part of my body for a long while, pulled her hands away from me and walked away.

Ugh, I can't get married anymore....

"This boy doesn't have a magic sealing circle!"

"What!? How did you get here without a seal?!"

"Aah! Let go of me!"

Ryou-San grabbed me by my collar and started shaking me.

If it wasn't for Testarossa-san, she would have kept squeezing me until I completely passed out.

I regained my composure and told the two women how I had come to this place.

After telling my story, Testarossa closed her eyes for a moment, as if she was thinking about something. Then she opened her eyes at the same time as a sinister smile formed on her face.

"I see, I have a general idea of what's going on. This child just fell into a rift that opened up into this dimension. As such, he is now not fully sealed."

"But how is it possible that a crack appeared in this dimension?"

"This place is almost 300 years old. It would be unnatural for it not to have degraded over time."

She's right.

Now I can't help but wonder how great the hero's power was.

"But that's not what's important now! This kid doesn't have the seal, which means there's a chance he can get out of here!"

"Will I be able to get out of here!?"

With those words, my heart lit up and filled with joy.

Hooray! I'm glad I don't have to spend the rest of my life here!

"Tell me what I should do! I'll do anything to get out of here!"



For some reason, the two women look at me with evil smiles on each of their faces when they hear my words.

"Uh, what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"There's only one way out of here, and that's to blow a hole in this space. That means you have to be much stronger than you are now."

"Blow a hole in this space...?! I can't even swing a sword! There's no way I can do something like that! I'll become an old man by the time I can pull it off!"

"Don't worry. You can't grow old in a place like this... And we'll help you train. But this won't be for free... If you make it out of here, you'll have to help us escape as well."

The two women slowly approached me.

Ugh, they are so scary. I'm cornered by the Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord at the same time.

"I-I have the right to refuse..."

With tears in my eyes, I said that I didn't want to do something like that.

But both women just smiled like angels, and in unison said;


And so began my long days of hellish training.



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