🤺 Chapter 3 - Magical Determination

A test will be held today to determine if I am worthy of staying in the Estark house, or if I will be cast out.

Simply put, if I have magic power, I will stay with the Estark family. If I don't have the necessary magical potential, they will give me a small sum of money and I will leave this place.

I have heard that this method is a long-standing tradition in the Estark family.

The Estark family is a prestigious family, but it is said that every time a child is born who is not good enough, tests like these are performed to decide their future.

Five people in the past have been expelled as a result of such a test, and I wonder if I will be the sixth.

At the training camp, I saw many familiar faces.

Frodo, the eldest brother. He still had the same cold eyes. His face seemed to be made of ice.

The second brother, Marks, looks as stupid as ever. He was sitting in a chair decorated with jewels, as if he was bragging about his privileges.

Minerva, my stepmother, looked at me as if I were an insect. By the way, my father was not present. He was summoned by the king and was in the royal capital.

The rest of the people are the Reishi family, but in addition to them, the relatives and vassals of the Estark family had gathered. It was a traditional event, so they were obliged to attend, and they were probably also curious about what was going to happen to me.

It's annoying that I have to prove whether I'm worthy to be with them. But on the other hand, being banished is something I want, so I'll hurry to get out of this hellhole!

I walked to the center of the field and asked the wizard what I should do.

He pointed to a target that was in the far middle of the field and ordered me to cast a fireball spell.

"A fireball, huh..."

It's a basic magic form of magic. Even a baby can perform that kind of spell.

But I'm the Licht, the incompetent one, I can't do that kind of thing. When I explained this, the wizard approached the target saying that If I was in trouble then I could use the "ignition" spell if I wanted.

Ignition is a simple magic that emits a small fire as an initiator. It is so simple that even a farmer can use it. It is mostly used to light bonfires.

I approached the target until I could touch it, and then cast my ignition spell.

The small speck of fire managed to touch the target.

Of course, this level of fire was no big deal and thus no real damage occurred, but it could still somewhat be used to measure magical power.

The target is connected to an artifact from an ancient magical civilization, used to evaluate magical power.

"Licht Estark, magic power: [11]."

As soon as the number was revealed, all the people present started laughing, and some even said things like; "how ridiculous, even my son's servant has more magical power than that bastard!".

Well, it can't be helped.

It's time to give up. I turned around, and decided to leave the training camp. But before I could take a step out, someone stopped me.

"Hey, wait! You're leaving without saying anything? You're not going to get mad? Scream? Complain like the loser you are? The crowd is waiting for you."

The sarcastic voice sounded familiar. It was my second brother, Marks.

"...It's been a long time, Brother Marks."

"I don't remember becoming your brother. Call me Marks-Sama."

"...Marks-Sama, what do you want?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to remind you that your magic power is so pathetic, you don't seem to be embarrassed..."

"Is having 11 magic power too little?"

"It's too little. You are an embarrassment to the Estark."


Maybe it's because I apologized, but Marks seemed annoyed.

"I'll show you how it's done." Marks stood next to me and began reciting a spell.

"O flames that burn red-hot! Return the providence of nature!"

A large fireball appeared in Marks' right hand, and launched him toward the target.

The target was engulfed in flames.

Then the counter of the measuring device moves rapidly and reaches the numerical value.

The magic value that appears is;


All the people present began to sing the praises.

"Oh, how incredible! Just as you would expect from a true son of the Estark!"

All the people present went crazy.

Certainly, 332 is a staggering number.

You can say that Marks is an excellent magician because the magic power value of an average magician should be 200. However, I don't care about that.

My goal is to get banished as soon as possible. I am not here to flatter my second brother or to beg for mercy. That includes the rest of the family, I just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

I ignored Marks, who is disgustingly boastful about his magical power. The fact that I didn't say anything seemed to annoy him a little more, so he blurted out another of his eloquent comments;

"Hmm, you're absolutely boring. No matter where you go, never forget what you are; A bastard."

You can say anything you want. I turned around and started walking, and then, someone stops me again.

"Please wait!"

A warm and gentle voice echoes throughout the place with great intensity.

My sister's voice deserves special recognition, it seems to resonate well on the battlefield. It's a pity she was born a woman, otherwise she would be very useful to raise the soldiers' spirits before a war. Ellen held a book in her hands

He opened it and said;

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is still too early to banish my brother Licht."

"Ellen, do you intend to continue to coddle that useless guy?"

Marks said in disgust.

"'Brother Marks, it is true that Brother Licht's magic value is low, but on the other hand, Brother Licht is a very powerful swordsman. It would be unfair if we don't take into account his swordsmanship."

"What, he's the best swordsman ever?"

Marks looks at me as he quotes these words.

"Yes, Brother Marks. Brother Richt's swordplay is truly divine. He doesn't need to use magic to be a great swordsman and help the Estark family. His skill is nothing compared to Brother Marks'."

Ellen deliberately added the second part.

He calculated that saying so would make the overbearing Marks furious, who, indeed, turns red and says;

"Ellen! How dare you make fun of me!"

"I'm not making fun. I'm just telling you the truth."

"You're still saying that!? You little tomboy! I'll tell our father when he gets home."

"I'm sure that would be bad. But when Father returns, what will he think if he discovers that Brother Licht was banished without a formal examination?

"And this isn't a formal exam?"

Gotcha! That's what Ellen thought, and opened an old book he was carrying.

"In the Estark Family book, article 22, amendment 3 stipulates that the judgment of expulsion of a relative of the Estark is based on the measurement of magical power, but if the exile demands a duel. One of the representatives of said family is obliged to accept it."

Marks takes the book from her. "Damn," he mutters, and throws the book on the floor. Minerva asks, "Is it true, Marks?" to which Marks replies, "It's true. Mother." Minerva frowns, but Marks declares to reassure his mother.

"Well, we are nobles of the kingdom, and we respect traditions. We follow the teachings of our ancestors. I just have to defeat this petulant bastard in a duel, then his banishment will be justified, right?"

Marks stared at me.

I was about to argue that I would rather be banished than duel, but Ellen stops me. She leans close to me and answers in my place.

"Brother Licht says: If you are not afraid of me, accept the duel! And if you accept, I will spare your life for your courage."

"What the hell did you just say!?"

My second brother Marks, who has zero tolerance and less intelligence than a wild boar, became furious.

I tried to complain to Ellen, but she looked at me with a sad expression.

"...If I am separated from Brother Licht, I will die of loneliness."

As her older brother, I can't refute her. And apart from me, the atmosphere in the place was eager to see a duel. I could no longer leave here without fighting Marks.

"...It can't be helped."

I reluctantly challenged Marks to a duel, and he accepted with impetus.

Thus, a duel is established between me and my second brother.

It will start in this very location following lunch in the afternoon.



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