🐲 Chapter 29 - The class

Lucius was worried about what kind of classes the Z class would have. But the content of the classes was quite normal.

The history of the human world, the mechanics of magic, other races, treaties with other countries, etc… The content of the lessons was diverse.

Lucius also learned many things from Testarossa, but it was knowledge from 300 years ago.

He didn't know anything after that, so the class was a lot of fun.

However, when it came to magical knowledge, the class came up with something that was considerably behind what Testarossa had taught him. In other words, it's safe to say that the human race is more than 300 years behind the demon race in terms of magical knowledge.

Lucius corrected the teacher from time to time as he explained a more erroneous form of knowledge about magic, while giving a correct explanation with which he'd practiced.

"Excuse me, sensei, but I think that explanation is wrong! Water magic must be interfering not only with the moisture in the atmosphere, but also with the underground water veins to create water!"

"Huh, really? That's not in any of my textbooks..."

"Would it be okay if I show you how it's done?"

By the way, the Z class teacher is none other than Regus, the same examiner who fainted at the sight of Lucius' magic.

He was still young, and was not offended by Lucius' interruptions, but rather grateful, absorbing more and more of the boy's knowledge. Besides, it was Yuri who made him Class Z's homeroom teacher.

A hard-headed teacher would probably feel uncomfortable with the young and powerful Lucius around. So Yuri prepared the best possible environment for Class Z.

Thanks to his help, the members of Class Z enjoyed a full student life.

In addition, Lucius enjoyed life a lot as he played, learned and competed with his friends.

However, not everything is as good as one would wish. Some people didn't feel good about it.

"What the hell is this!?"

Barn yelled, his red Mohawk shaking as he looked around the classroom after the class's outdoor magic practice about two weeks after Lucius started school.

When the students looked around their classroom, they found the place to be in complete disarray. Fortunately, Lucius had his valuables with him and they were safe, but the desks and chairs were scattered and the garbage cans were overturned.



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