🐲 Chapter 28 - Friendship

After his chat with Barn and his friends, Lucius was determined to meet the rest of his classmates.

He was a little wary because Yuri had said that everyone in this class was a weirdo, but surprisingly, most of them were very friendly."

"Hahaha, my name is Pardio, my specialty is transformation magic, nice to meet you!!!"

"Ah, yes, nice to meet you too."

However, some of them were not nice to Lucius. One of them was a young man who looked like a beastman with wolf ears growing on the top of his head.

He glared at Lucious with murderous intent as he approached to greet him, then shooed him away with a menacing "gurr..."

Seeing such an act, Lucius couldn't help but become depressed as he asked if he had done something wrong. After noticing their interaction, she approached Lucius.

"Don't worry about it. Many beastmen don't like humans. It's not that he hates you, just that he's not very fond of humans."

"Why do beastmen hate humans so much?"

Lucious asks, and Char explains with a look of disgust on her face.

"You may not know this because you're from the countryside, but there are still many beastmen slaves in the cities. Since the current king took power, the slave market has been banned, but... Even so, I've heard that there are still people behind the scenes who do terrible things to beastmen."

"...I see."

As Lucius listens to those words, he sees the young beastman not interacting with anyone and keeping to himself.

"I wonder if we'll ever get along."

At Lucius' despondent comment, Char gently said, "If anyone can, it's you Lucius."

But the greetings didn't end there. There was another student in class that Lucius had not yet been able to interact with.
It was a beautiful girl who stood out from the rest in the classroom. Her blonde hair was as dazzling as gold, and her eyes red, shining like fresh blood.

Her face was inorganic, but well defined, like that of a statue. She was too beautiful a girl, and no matter how many people there were in the kingdom, it was unusual to see someone as beautiful as her often.

Lucius does his best to greet her despite how intimidating her beautiful appearance was.



Lucius was completely ignored by the girl.

The girl was staring out the window as she rested her hand against her cheek, though it's likely she heard Lucius' voice.

Lucius kept wondering why she hadn't answered him. He wondered if his words reached her, so he started to feel uncomfortable.

Anxious, Lucius tries to talk to her one more time. But before that, Char raises her voice.

"Hey, you! You've got a lot of nerve ignoring him!"

Char slams the desk hard. After that, the girl turns her face towards both of them and opens her mouth to speak.

"....I'm sorry. I know you were trying to talk to me, but you don't need to, I have nothing to say to you."

The girl replied in an inarticulate tone, then turned to look out the window again.

Char, realizing that the girl was ridiculing Lucious, clenched her fists with all her might and was about to hit her, but Lucius restrained her before it happened.

"Char, calm down!"

"Back off, Lucius, I won't kill her, I'll just teach her a lesson!"

Char kept may a fuss for a while, but calmed down thanks to Lucius continuing to desperately calm her down.

After talking to all their classmates, the two take a seat. Then the classroom door opens and in walks a group of familiar faces.

"Have you met your classmates yet?"

"Hello, Lucius, Char, it's been so long~"

The ones who came in were Prince Yuri and his bodyguard Ibuki.

Of course, the two of them were also members of Class Z.

However, they were not chosen for this class for their unique talents, but to supervise and report on the progress of the students in this class.

"So you intend to sit next to him as well?"

"Haha, yes, sorry, Lucius. I hope you don't mind."

Yuri sits on Lucious' right side after receiving Char's sarcasm, with Ibuki then sitting next to Yuri.

By the way, this seating order was also established by Yuri. For him, Lucius is the most important subject of observation.

"I look forward to working with you, Lucius."

After Yuri's words, Lucius cheerfully replies.

"Yes! Me too!"

And so there were a total of 14 people in the room. They were kids from all over the world with talents that have yet to come to light, together in the same place.

They will all grow together in this class, deepen their bonds, and get caught up in the turmoil that will shake the world in the future....

They still have a long way to go.



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