🐲 Chapter 26 - Reunion

"What the hell is Z class!? What does that even  mean?!"

"Even I don't know! I've never been in this class!"

The two were yelling at each other. Just then, someone makes their presence known in front of the confused boys.

"Hello to you two. I see you're in a good mood early in the morning."

The one who appeared with a smile on his face was the prince of this country, Yuri.

Whenever Yuri made his presence, all the girls in the place turned to look at him, all the while shouting in excitement. Although Yuri is still young, he is already very popular, and even has a fan club.

And behind him was someone Lucius had never seen before.

He was tall and thin, dressed in normal clothes, but there was one part of him that was strange. That person was wearing a full-face helmet, and you couldn't see his face at all. He has a sword at his waist that matched his helmet. In short, he had a very strange appearance.

Lucius stares at this new person, and Yuri, noticing this, introduces him.

"Ah, Lucius, allow me to introduce my companion, since this is the first time you've met him. This is my bodyguard, Ibuki Iron Heart."

As Yuri introduces them, the helmeted person named Ibuki approaches Lucious. Lucious is overwhelmed by his presence, and greets him with a curt "Hello..." as he holds out his hand.

Then the helmeted figure grabbed the offered hand with a gasp and began to speak

"O-Oh~! How polite you are!!!! My name is Ibuki, Prince Yuri's bodyguard, feel free to call me Ibuki! Ah! Would you like some candy as a sign of our friendship? You don't have to be shy~! Oh, Char, you want a candy too? What, you don't? Then I'll eat it~!"


Unable to keep up with Ibuki, who starts talking happily, Lucius' head starts spinning.

Seeing that, Yuri lets out a "Pfft" before laughing out loud.

"Fufu, don't you think he's a funny guy, Lucius? He always wears a helmet for protection so his real face doesn't show. He's a bit weird, but he's really a nice guy, so try to get along with him."

"Thank you~!"

"Um, yes... Nice to meet you, Ibuki."

With those words, Lucius and Ibuki introduced themselves to each other.
Then Char, who had remained silent until now, turned to Yuri, furious.

"Hey, Yuri, what the hell is going on here!?"

"Oh, you mean Class Z? I didn't tell you because I wanted to surprise you. So, are you surprised?"

"Of course I'm surprised!"

Satisfied with Char's reaction, Yuri begins to explain what's going on to his confused friends.

"Class Z is a new class that's opening this year. Normally classes are assigned based on a person's exams and skills, but this class is different. It is especially for those who have a special talent that no one else has. In other words, Class Z... Is a collection of top-notch weirdos."



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