🤺 Chapter 25 - The written examination

The Royal Academy was on the far east side of the royal capital, on the shore of a lake. It can be reached in about 30 minutes from the center of the royal capital.

Beautiful trees grow around it and it seems almost cut off from the outside world.

The beautiful stone buildings looked like a city, and there was no mistaking that impression.

In fact, the Royal Academy is a city.

Ariarose moves her cherry red lips and tells me interesting facts about the place.

There are 1,000 students at the school and 2,000 staff and caretakers living there.

2,000 is a very large number. There are many villages in the countryside that don't reach that number.


I stared at the buildings as if I were a peasant... In a way, I am.

"Princess, I've been thinking a lot about something, and as long as we're here, you'd better not say "Licht-Sama" to me."

"I'm lucky."

After these words, Ariarose changed her expression.

"You're now officially my guard, which means you're just like Marie."

"No, Marie is probably better than me in every aspect. You should be very proud of her."

Marie felt proud after those words."

Ariarose adds, "She seems to be happy to have a younger colleague."

"Changing the subject, princess, but why do you address me as "sama"?"

"What, how can I not? If Licht-Sama is Licht-Sama."

I still don't get it. Maybe it's a quality that comes from the princess's innate kindness. I guess it's something I can't completely change, so I'll go with it.

Well, I heard what I wanted to hear, so I went straight to the exam room.

It seems that the written test had begun.

When I entered the place, a bespectacled man stood up and looked at me.
The man, after looking at me for a few seconds, said; "So you're the person who will be taking the exam."

He continued speaking

"It took me a long time to prepare the exam questions because hardly anyone comes at this time of year."

He told me about his difficulties with disgust.

He looked at my resume, simultaneously saying; "hmmm..."

"You're a filthy commoner, you're not even worthy of the title "Von", if it weren't for the princess being present, I wouldn't even let you sit at the desk."

The examiner's words were not strong enough to hurt my feelings, but on the other hand, the princess was indeed very angry. She took a step forward, but I quickly stopped her.

"Princess, don't worry."


"I'm used to it. Besides, if we cause a fuss here, I won't be admitted."

She regained her composure with those words, but unexpectedly showed a strong side.

"...Then make that fellow regret his words by passing the test."

"I don't want to have a perfect score, remember? No standing out."

"That's an order."

"How annoying."

With a bitter smile, I remained seated in the chair.

I sat forward at the desk.

There were problems related to ancient magical writing and higher mathematics on the sheet.

These are college professor level questions. I doubt this is suitable at an academic level in this situation. I looked at the examiner and he had a grimace on his face.

"...I see, so this is your intention."

This examiner seems to have raised the bar on the questions more than usual. He doesn't seem to like the idea that I had to take mid-season exams, or that I was the princess's bodyguard. Maybe this guy is associated with Balmunk, and wants to avoid letting the princess have any protection at all costs.

If that's the case, how much was this guy hired for? I'm curious, but even if I asked, there would be no answer.

I started answering all the questions on the sheet at great speed. Each question took about 2 seconds to ask.

"What is this?"

The examiner was stumped.

Normally it would take you one minute and twenty-two seconds to answer a question of this level.

But I was doing it in two seconds. A rational person would think I just answer randomly with no idea what I'm writing, but I'm not someone normal. While I was answering one question, in my mind, I was solving the problem of the next.

"This is impossible!"

The examiner is astonished, but soon calms down.

"Surely your answers are wrong. Even a small child can write a proper answer. You must be desperate."

But Ariarose proudly denies.

"Is that what you think? Then you are not qualified for this job."

The examiner was annoyed after those words, but he couldn't talk back to someone of royalty. He took the answer sheet from me with a look of bitterness on his face.



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