🐲 Chapter 25 - Class Z

We stood in front of the main entrance to the Academy of Magic.

There were a large number of students who had gathered there to find out their grades.

The number of examinees this year was 1,200, 1.2 times more than the previous year.

Among them, only 300 could be accepted. It is a very difficult place to get accepted into.

And even if you pass the entrance exam, you will be assigned to one of five classes, ranging from A to E, according to your grades.

The higher the class, the better the study environment, and class A is the highest of all. If you're assigned to it, you get free tuition and unlimited use of the facilities.

Of course, the nobles wanted their children to have a higher rank, so they tried to do something with money, but King Froy, who founded this school, strictly forbade it, so now there are very few people who try it.

In addition, depending on the results of the exams, which are held twice a year, students are mercilessly demoted to a lower class, so cheating is almost impossible in this school.

"Wow, just look at this crowd. Are these all students who took the exam?"

Lucius, who had arrived in front of the school, raises his voice in surprise. Char then quickly reprimands Lucius for being so relaxed.

"Don't let your guard down, you have to believe that everyone present here is your enemy. If you show even a moment's weakness, they'll eat you up like prey."

"Ah! Char! It looks like the results have already been posted there!"

"Hey! Listen to what I'm telling you!"

Char chases after Lucius as he starts running without listening to what she is saying.

Lucius stops in front of a huge billboard. On it were posted the names of the students who were approved and what class they will be a part of.

Some students fell to their knees when they saw that they were not accepted, others cried with joy. Whether or not you get into this Academy and what class you're assigned to can determine your future.

In fact, many of those who belonged to the upper class were able to get important jobs in the kingdom after graduating.

In the past, such jobs could only be obtained through having connections with nobles, so the creation of this academy was quite innovative for the kingdom.

"Um... Let's see where my name is..."

Lucius was looking for his name on the poster... But saw that it was nowhere to be found in the A class.


After that, he kept going down the ranks to class B and C to look for his name, but it wasn't written anywhere.

Not only that, Charlotte's name wasn't on the list either.

This was a very strange situation. The fact that Lucious and Char's names were not written was simply mystifying...

So out of curiosity, he looked all the way down to the bottom of the lowest class, class E, but... Their names still weren't on the list.

Just as Lucius was about to ask Char what was going on, she pointed further to the left of class E.

"What is this...?"

Char pointed to a spot which, to her surprise, was labeled "Class Z."

And that mysterious section held the names of two people: Lucius and Charlotte. Much to their shock, they learned of the existence of a mysterious sixth class.



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