🐲 Chapter 24 - School day

The day came when the students who would be accepted into the Academy of Magic will be announced.

Lucius and Char were walking together towards the school grounds.

"Aah... My back still hurts."

"Not feeling well, huh? Do you want me to cast a healing spell on you?"

Their casual conversation was taking place while they were surrounded by many students who were on their way to the Academy of Magic. As such, it was impossible for them not to attract the courious gazes of those around them.

And it was not for less strange, since most of the boys surrounding them were the same ones who were taking the entrance exam, and they were also witnesses between the fight of both of them. They were an boy and girl here of the same age, but with extraordinary strength, rumors had spread among all the students.

The students were eager to get close to Lucious and Char, but most of them were afraid of the situation, others knew their position perfectly, so no one dared to talk to each other.

Although there are always exceptions in a group of people.

"Umm, are you the two students that are so much rumored? You must be joking, you look very weak."

It was a trio of thugs who approached Lucious and Char.

"Who do you want are you to refer that way towards us? You don't even know us, so mind your manners."

"Ha, we are also students who took the exam. And I guess you're the descendant of the rumored hero, right? You're prettier than I thought. Instead of staying with that weak-looking boy, why don't you come with us?"

The men approach Char with smiles on their faces.

Char looks with a serious expression on her face at the men, but doesn't bother trying to interfere or say anything.

She was trying to wonder why they have such a stupid attitude after what happened on the day of the exam. Maybe they hadn't seen the duel between Lucious and her.

Maybe those guys finished the exam early and went home, and thus didn't know about Lucious' abilities, they just picked up on this situation through hearsay.

"Hey you... Don't come any closer to her, or I'll cut you."

"Ha... Are you threatening me?"

The man who was trying to flirt with Char, reached out his hand towards her body with the intention of making Lucios angry.

And just as his hand is about to touch Char, the man's hand is stopped by another one appearing beside him.

"Sorry, but she's my girl... Asshole."

The man's hand was grabbed by Lucious. Followed by Lucious pulling the man away from Char, at the same time he pulls her arm and pulls her to his chest.

"Louis!!! Um... We're in public, don't do this in front of other people!"

Char turns red and gets angry, but inside her thoughts, everything was totally different. Char was very happy that Lucious was standing up for her as the princess she had always dreamed of being.

"Do you think you're some kind of knight or prince? Now you've made me angry."

"I really don't want to have a problem... But if you feel like wanting to fight, I won't have a choice."

After saying that, Lucious raises his fists. When the three boys see that, they feel provoked and rush to attack Lucious.

"I'm going to make you feel a lot of pain!"

One of the boys builds up magic power in his fist determined to basket the punch.

But Lucious quickly moves to ram the boy, and slips under his arm while pinning him down, and knocks him face first to the ground.


The moment his face hits the ground, he expresses a sound of pain and immediately faints.

What Lucious used was a Qigong technique, the Mamoru style type six "Ryur". It is a technique that allows you to change the direction and strength of the power flow by pouring chi into your opponent's energy.

The moment the friends of the boy who was passed out on the ground witnessed such an act of super speed, they shuddered. Although they were bigger than Lucious, the boy had an advantage of having had two powerful masters.

"Umm... We have no choice but to attack with magic!"

The two remaining men create a fireball and try to unleash it on Lucious.

"How can they cast a spell like that in the city...! What if something like that hits someone!"

It was no problem for Lucious to get hit by that spell, but if that fireball were to hit a person or a house, it wouldn't be good.

Lucious magically creates a small piece of rock in the palm of his hand and shoots it at their heads.

"Ultra-small rock-tracking Roxile!"

Rock the size of a small ball shot out of Lucious' hand, slamming into the heads of the two boys. Upon impact, they both fell passed out on the ground. They are not in life-threatening danger, but they won't wake up for a while.

Lucious moved the three unconscious boys to the side of the road so they wouldn't interfere with traffic, then turned to Char.

"Well, we can move on now."

Lucious said as she took Char hand. She blushed and nodded. And just like that the boy and girl headed for school without any further trouble in between.

By the way, the students who were passed out didn't make it in time for the announcement, so they were not admitted.



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