🐲 Chapter 23 - The slave

The sun has gone down and it is now completely dark.

Lucius and Char were sitting side by side on the bed in the inn.

"I had a great time today. Thank you, Char."

"I had fun too, Lucius."

While Lucius spoke with a sense of dread, Charlotte was unperturbed. And that was because she had already strengthened her resolve.

'I'm going to offer myself to Lucius!' she thought.

There's a reason why that girl went from being someone who wasn't interested in men to behaving in such a carnivorous manner.

First of all, Charlotte did have an interest in love, but she was only attracted to those who were stronger than her, and until now, she had never been attracted to someone her own age, only to the ancient legendary heroes she heard so much about.

But then Lucius appeared in front of her.

And for the first time in her life, Charlotte fell in love with someone who is stronger and kinder than her.

If she were a normal girl, she would try to close the distance a little more carefully. But she's a fighter at heart, so she's going to attack Lucius as if she were hunting her prey.

"Hey, Lucius. You do know I'm your slave, right?"

"Um, yeah..."

Lucius wanted to end their slave relationship, but in this country, there is a law known as the "Slave Law" which states that once a slave has signed a contract, even if it is a verbal contract, it cannot be terminated immediately.

So, even now, Char is still in the position of being Lucius' slave.

Char uses this position to urge Lucius to make his move.

"And now that you have a slave, don't you plan to do anything?"

Char walks up to Lucius and whispers in his ear as she presses her 'assets' against him.

Actually, Char was so embarrassed that she wanted to run away, but still she couldn't stop herself.

"You can touch if you want to...."

Char takes Lucius' hand and presses it against her chest.

Her embarrassment was well beyond its limits, and she even felt like crying, but she decided to push forward with her act of seduction.

Lucius, on the other hand, was emotionally conflicted.

He understood from the very first moment that Char liked him, but he had two important people waiting for his return.

'Is it okay to have a relationship without them being present here?'

That's what's got him stuck.


Lucius' head keeps spinning. He's confused by the whole situation.

As he was wondering what he should do, he remembered the words Testarossa once said to him. It was after she and Rio spent the night with him in bed. The words Tess said to Lucious were;

"I'm glad you think of us, Lucius-kun, but don't be shy. I won't blame you if you find someone special in the outside world."


"It's okay, don't worry about it. You're a good looking guy, I'm sure there will be girls who'll want to be with you... So don't hesitate to go for it!"

Testarossa laughed as she said those words.

I'm not one to do it with just any girl, but... I guess it would be okay for me to do it with Char? She is my slave after all.

Thinking about that, Lucius makes up his mind and puts his hands around Sharo's waist.

"Hi ~ya! What are you...!"

Lucius kisses Char despite her surprised reaction to his sudden boldness.


At first, Char tenses her body and lips, but when she feels Lucius' lips, she relaxes every muscle in her body after a few seconds and surrenders to his embrace.

(Will I be relaxed enough? I think I like it...).

As soon as Char gets used to the kissing, Lucius slips his tongue into Char's mouth and begins to carefully intertwine his with hers.

Char's brain goes numb and her body loses strength due to the pleasure she gets from the technique Lucius learned from Testarossa.

After that, Lucius gently lays Char on the bed and begins to quickly undress her.

"W-wait, Lucius! What are you doing!? We're moving too fast..."

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Char, who had no intention of letting this situation go any further, panicked and tried to stop Lucius, but there was no way she could. Once Lucius catches fire, no one can stop him.

(Well, maybe it's okay... After all, it's Lucius, but...).

After some hesitation, Sharo relaxes her body and gives herself completely to Lucius.

But the moment she starts to relax, she discovers Lucius' 'hidden weapon'.

"Wha? Wait, Lucius. There's no way that… 'thing' will, um… 'fit', right?"

Lucius tries to calm down Char, who starts to tremble as she breaks out in a cold sweat.

"It's okay. Sure, it'll hurt at first, but then you'll get used to it pretty quickly."

"Hey, no… What do you mean by that? Just wait a sec-- Lucius, don't, I-- Ah~!"

And so the night went on for the two of them....



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