🤺 Chapter 22 - The main street of the royal capital

That's how I went from being a bastard, to being the personal knight of the princess.

As I have not received my official investiture, I cannot use the name "Von", but I can use any surname I want, so from today I will be known as Licht Icehilk.

I like it very much so I decided to go with it. Also, because it would not be wise for me to guard the princess in the royal capital with the surname 'Estark'.

My father spends half the year in the royal capital, and having a member of the Estark Family guarding the princess, even if he is a bastard, could cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

It was a good idea to hide the fact that the bastard son of the Estark family was here.

"Well, no one will listen to me, so maybe I'm worrying too much."

I muttered, and Marie pinches me.

"You sound weak when you say things like that. Quite unlike someone who's a genius with a sword."

She said.

My sister had said the same thing to me long ago.

After two days of a bumpy carriage ride. we arrived at the royal capital unharmed.

The royal capital of the Kingdom of Latculus was very large.

The streets were ridiculously wide. It is probably twice as big as the city where I lived. Moreover, everything is made of cobblestone and there isn't a single pothole in the road. This is a testament to good management as well as financial abundance.

"Just as I would expect from the Millennium Royal Castle."

When I mentioned the alias of the Royal Capital, Ariarose asked me a question.

''Is this your first time coming to the Royal Capital, Licht-sama?''

"No, my father brought me here when I was very young."

"So this is your second time."

"But I was a kid and I don't remember much. And I guess things have changed a lot in ten years."

"Nothing has changed in ten years."

That's what Ariarose had told me, so I went back to my memory of that time, but it does seem that way.

I remember the magnificent gates of the capital.

"If I remember correctly, there was a great gatekeeper back then."

"Yes, quite amazing at that."

The princess lets out a laugh.

Marie pulled a paper out of her pocket, and the gatekeeper gave a deep bow. Marie's bill has the royal family crest on it.

When I entered the city, I was amazed by the magnificent buildings that surrounded me. They included the Royal Library, the Royal Museum and the Royal Institution, which developed the silver bullet. In addition, there were many stores lined up. Among them, Ariarose points to a huge building.

"This is the only department store that exists in the world."

"Department store?"

"It's a large building that contains many stores inside it."

"I see."

Honestly, I don't completely understand.

So, there are a lot of stores inside the same building. Let's go together sometime. She mentioned that there is an interesting device called an elevator.

"You should have seen Marie's face when she first saw it. She was so scared, she said it was a monster trap."

The princess laughs as Marie protests with her face flushed.

"You can't blame me for being suspicious of those things!"

I can't blame her, if I get on a machine where the box goes up and down, I might turn pale too.

Now that we've enjoyed the interesting buildings of the royal capital, I proposed that we head straight to Ariarose's mansion.

"My house?"

"You're royalty, you should have one, right?"

That's what I thought, but Ariarose shook her head.

"My father has granted me a house where I can live alone, but I don't plan to go back there."

"Then, will you go straight back to the Royal Academy?"

"No, I have to make a stop first."

And with that said, the princess led me to the main street of the royal capital.



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