🤺 Chapter 21 - Return to the royal capital

We wake up the next morning after having a rough night after so much work.

Marie stands up as she says; "Hoo-ah~."

Ariarose looks up in the air with a blank stare.


The princess appears to have low blood pressure.

Marie quickly puts on her maid's uniform and makes herself presentable for the princess, although it's amusing to see that even a picture-perfect lady has her weaknesses.

As a man, of course, I leave the room, but I know what goes on inside.

Ariarose raises her hands with sleepy eyes and Marie helps her change her clothes. She then combs her hair to make her look more presentable. I could imagine the procedure perfectly because I had a younger sister, but what I couldn't imagine was the extent of Marie's skill.

After 12 minutes and 3 seconds, the princess smiles as she leaves the room.

I think this was all done twice as fast as it's done for my sister. Despite this, she is perfectly groomed, which shows how excellent Marie is.

I praise her for it.

"Fufu, thank you."

Marie smiles and thanks me.

"Marie is good at martial arts, but she's also an S-rank maid."

"I wish I could focus more on my martial arts someday."

I nod my head and then ask a question.

"Are you guys going to stay in this town?"

"No way, we have classes to attend."

"I didn't know Marie was going to class."

"I'm not going, Ariarose-Sama is."

"Oh, I see, so I guess Ariarose is going to the Royal Academy."

"Exactly, she is a student of the privileged Royal Academy."

"She's a high school student?"

"I see you're somewhat uninformed about it, Licht-Sama."

"Well, I've never been to a school."

"The Royal Academy is divided into primary, secondary and tertiary schools."

"And does Ariarose have any special privileges?"

"Well, she's the princess."

"Yes, but she's a princess who goes to an academy."

"The academy is divided into different stages; primary, intermediate and secondary are divided purely into grades. If she completes her studies in each grade for two or three years, she can move on to the senior facility."

"I see."

"High school means it still takes time to graduate."

"Besides, I'll have to attend for at least three more years."

"And you can't skip a year?"

"Ariarose you can't use any magic that isn't attribute magic, and even if you can use attribute magic, it's useless and is actually the same as being 'incompetent'. Still, she was admitted because she's royalty, but she doesn't have that kind of freedom."

"I see..."

I understood the things that were explained to me. But I notice that Marie has an "oh, shoot" expression on her face. She had said a word that may come of as disrespecting the princess. However, Ariarose is a very kind person, and understands the situation, so in a relaxed manner she says;

"Don't worry. What you said is the truth."

Then she continued speaking.

"Well, we'd better go back to the royal capital. It was good to have a change of scenery for a few days."

The clergyman in charge of the church said that the south bridge has already been repaired. So we can return to the capital in two days.

"I'm happy to hear that. It would be annoying to have to fight bandits every place we stop."

Ariarose and Marie laugh at my words.

It's probably social etiquette or complementary laughter, but there's a saying that if you're cheerful, happiness will come to you. The girls are probably aware of its effects.



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