🤺 Chapter 20- My duty as a knight

Princess Ariarose continues to cook and feed the sick until evening. Meanwhile, I was working as her escort, but there was no attack from Lord Balmunk.

"I'm sure Lord Balmunk wouldn't expect the princess to be in a place like this," said Marie.

It's likely that the original plan was to arrive at this church, then distribute medicine to the sick. But Marie did not anticipate that her lady's kindness would be so high to the point of wanting to stay and help the people present. Marie had a smile of discomfort on her face as if she wished they could go to an inn and rest.

As for me, I had no cooking or housekeeping skills, so I just tagged along.

In the evening of the next day, when we finally finished administering the special medicine to all the patients, the head of the Holy Church in this city came and took Ariarose's hand.

"I am very grateful... Your Highness, I can't believe that you are the benefactor of this place."

The kind-hearted man wept with joy.

Ariarose took the man's hands and said; "I only did my duty."

Ariarose's beauty was without nuance, but her physical condition was not optimal. She's probably losing weight too. If she keeps this up, she'll get sick as well.

Ariarose, who seemed to know the term "doctor's disease", readily accepted the proposal, and slept on a bed prepared for her in the back of the church.

This is what it means to sleep like a log. She fell asleep in three seconds and let out a sleepy sigh. The way she sleeps is befitting of a princess, and the way her chest slightly rises and lowers as she breathes is very noble.

"She is the opposite of my sister..."

My sister, Ellen, the daughter of the Estark family, has a strange way of sleeping, despite her pretty appearance. Back when we used to sleep together, I noticed that she snores, grinds her teeth, uses me as a pillow, and sometimes, when I wake up in the morning, she's usually shirtless. And in the worst case, she always threw the top and bottom of her inner romper at each end of the room.

Maybe it's not right to compare my sister to a princess, still, they are the same age, and I wish Ellen had a little more class.

As I was thinking about this, I noticed that Marie was still awake. She had also been very busy cooking and tending to the sick, but I guess she has no intention of going to bed before her mistress. Perhaps she thinks it's okay for her to go back to sleep once she's sure the princess is sleeping peacefully.

"You're tired, you should sleep too."

"Thank you, Licht-Sama, you're quite the gentleman."

"It is part of the job, after all."

"And yet you were taking on rampaging thugs and doing the heavy lifting that the church sisters couldn't do."

"You must have been dreaming."

I said so as not to disturb Marie, and suggested again that she sleep. She was extremely tired, and without a word, she got into bed next to the princess.

She fell asleep after a few seconds, but her sleeping appearance looks more like my sister than the princess. I haven't collected statistics on the sleeping appearance of women in the world, but I think this is how most of them sleep.

With slight relief, I lean against the wall. And I took half a nap.

I closed one of my eyes half the time and slept, Letting only one side of my brain go to sleep. After an hour and a half, I close the other eye and let the other side of my brain rest.

This is a trick that requires a thorough knowledge of brain structure and REM and non-REM sleep, but it's not a skill I'm proud of. The way I sleep with one eye open at a time gets to be creepy. In fact, one of the sisters walking by was startled. I will explain the situation later, but for now, I wanted Marie and Ariarose to rest.

That was my first duty as their escort.

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