🐲 Chapter 19 - A Fierce Fight

[Tank Shell], a 5th level defensive technique.

It is able to harden a part of the body, making it as resistant to impact as a diamond.

[Ironclad] is another technique that also works to harden the whole body, but the [Tank Shell] grants defensive power that surpasses that of [Ironclad] at the cost of reducing it to a specific area.

In addition, body parts that are not hardened can move freely, making it a technique that can be applied more effectively on the body unlike [Ironclad], which greatly reduces mobility.


Charlotte launches another attack at high speed that is imperceptible to ordinary people, but Lucius calmly blocks it, having stiffened both his arms.

Sometimes Charlotte's attacks would hit, and sometimes he would repel them.

But with every mistake, Lucius learned a lot from his opponent, so most of the attacks were parried by his arms.

(Who the heck is this guy?! He keeps stopping every single one of my attacks with his hands! I just don't get it!!!!)

Sweat begins to drip down Charlotte's forehead.

She had never lost to an adult, and she had never fought so hard. And yet, she couldn't see the possibility of winning against such a weak looking kid her age.

But she never loses her cool and changes tactics. This flexibility is the secret to her strength, and why she's said to be the second coming of the legendary hero at a young age.

"Flying Cherry Blossom Blade!!!"

Charlotte decided to change her plan. She lengthened the distance between her and Lucius to release a multi-layered magic blade attack in the shape of a cherry blossom's petals.

Lucius dodged it with time to spare, but the attack didn't end there.

"Amazing, but do you think you'll be able to dodge all of these?"

Above Charlotte's head, the blades from before became innumerable, morphing into a beautiful cherry blossom that adorned the sky.

"Take that! Cherry Blossom Storm!"

All those beautiful petals scattered and turned into a large number of blades that attacked Lucius.

The power of each one wasn't that great, but if all the blades hit you at once, it was inevitable that you would suffer great damage.

"H-Hey! Is it really okay to use that attack!?"

Regus, who is refereeing, mutters worriedly as he sees the magic.

However, the battle had surpassed the level where Regus could intervene. But still, just as he was about to make a desperate attempt to fulfill his role, Yuri stopped him in his tracks.

"Yuri-sama, don't try to stop me! I'm the examiner and I'm here to..."

"Please remain calm, Sensei. Look at Lucius' eyes, there's a lot of determination in them."

It's just as Yuri said. Lucius was staring at the countless blades coming at him.

There was no hint of resignation in his eyes. In fact, he was delighted to see that kind of magic for the first time.

"This kind of magic is not simple. That large number of blades, it takes a lot of magic to manifest them."

Lucius smiled and dove at the blades coming at him as he spun and cast a spell.

"Radial flames!!!"

The flames that were generated around Lucius as he spun caused a swirl of fire around him, destroying all the blades as they collided against him.

As Lucius continued to spin, the fire expanded, causing the determined radius of the flames to expand, until a fireball with a radius of about 10 meters was formed.

The magic that Charlotte had cast on Lucius had vanished in the huge spiral of fire that he generated on the spot.

"It's... Impossible..."

I can't believe it.

The swordplay I've trained with, the magic I've inherited from my ancestors... Nothing works against him.

I can't lose. The blood of the legendary hero runs through my veins. I have to live up to my family's expectations.

If I don't... I would be betraying the people who look up to me for being the hero.

That was the reason Charlotte insisted on being number one. She was trying to live up to the ideal hero image the kingdom had drawn in her.

And it had gone well until today. But the boy who appeared in front of her easily shattered her goals.

"Hmm, is that all?"

The fire went out and Lucius appeared from within.

For the first time in my life, I can feel something akin to despair when I see that he hasn't even run out of breath after using so much magic.

But I'm not going to give up... I grabbed my sword and started running towards him. I'm going to become the ideal hero for everyone.

"I... I can't lose to you!!!"

Lucious once again catches her sword using [Tank Shell].

"I have to be the hero that everyone wishes for! That is why… I'm here!"

Charlotte's family is a family of heroes.

However, not everyone succeeds in awakening the power of the hero. And even if you inherit the power of a hero, you can't become one until you unleash that full potential. There are no shortcuts in this life, you must strive until you bleed.

Nearly 300 years after the birth of the legendary hero Oger, no one seemed to fully become a hero, until Charlotte was born.

Therefore, the expectations and pressure placed on Charlotte, who was born with many of the hero's gifts, were unimaginable, and she spent her childhood in blood, sweat and toil.

If you spend your childhood in such an environment, it's no wonder you feel bowed down by this situation.

"I see, so you've had a hard time too..."

Lucius could feel his heart cry out in disgust as he stopped her sword.

Those who suffered because they had no power, and those who suffered because they had power.

Lucius and Charlotte's circumstances were completely opposite, but somehow they were similar.

"In that case, I will save you from that curse if necessary."

Much as my two teachers saved me back then....

Lucius strengthens the Qigong in his arms as he makes his choice, but on the other hand, the speed of Charlotte's sword increases to an insane level.

"I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't let you, I won't let you!!!"

The swing of the sword was so powerful, that all the onlookers around her were terrified.

But Lucious calmly saw through the sword and held his left hand in front of him.

"Qigong style, Tank Shell variant technique, white blade extraction."

In the blink of an eye, Lucious held the blade of the sword with his left hand at the same time as it came at him at an almost imperceptible speed.

Next, with his right hand, he struck the hilt of the sword, and wrenched it out of Charlotte's hands.


Charlotte was stunned by the momentary event.

She has lost her weapon and is in no condition to create magic, so Lucius uses the opportunity to accumulate a large amount of Qigong and unleashes it all in one blow.

"Qigong style, 1st offensive technique, meteor iron fist."

I'm dead.

That was the thought that crossed Charlotte's mind.

She instantly understood that Lucius' last strike had amassed and condensed a great deal of power, and it was very difficult to compete against that strike.

(So... This is what it feels like to lose.)

Charlotte collapses to the ground and falls to her knees, as if she had lost all her strength as she felt this sensation for the first time.

Lucius's fist came up to her face to deliver the decisive blow, but..... He stopped just before making contact.


Charlotte is confused by the sudden occurrence, and Lucius unclenches his fist and holds out his hand to her.

"It means I won, right?"

Lucius smiled as he said those words. After seeing his face and smile, Charlotte starts to feel strange.

My heart is pounding, and my face is burning. I have never experienced a feeling like this before. For the first time in my life, I am feeling a strong attraction to a member of the opposite sex.

.......... But in the next moment, tragedy strikes Charlotte.


A sound resembling flowing water echoes through the place.

The sound came from inside Charlotte's skirt….. which was now soaking wet.



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