🐲 Chapter 18 - The duel

There was a crowd of people surrounding the examination room's square.

In the middle were two people, the first being Lucius, who will duel, and the second, a girl who is a descendant of the hero.

The story of the duel between the mysterious boy and the hero's descendant spread quickly among the students, and almost everyone in the examination hall had gathered to witness the battle.

Of course, the examiners were no exception, as they were curiously watching the battle between the two examinees possessing unimaginable powers.

One of the examiners, Regus, who had fainted upon seeing Lucius' magic up close, was watching the situation with much concern.

"Do you agree with them dueling, Yuri-Sama...? If anyone gets hurt, it will be my head."

"Don't worry, Regus-sensei, I'm going to take full responsibility for whatever happens. I guess the rest of the teachers are worried too."

"Yes, they are..."

Regus-sensei couldn't help but think about Lucius' first test.

That boy had used "Super Flame."

Magic bearing the name "super" could only be mastered with natural talent and bloody effort, so he struggled to understand how a boy his age could use something so powerful.

And it was even more puzzling that an unknown boy like him, who was not a descendant of a hero, could use something like that.

'I want to know more about his power', thought Regus-sensei.

Regus-sensei, who was normally a pacifist, felt his heart dancing to the rhythm of the mysterious existence that appeared in front of him.

"Alright, Yuri-sama, I'll be prepared... But, if anything happens, will you really help me!?"

"Fufu, of course. Then, sensei, can you please be the referee? Be careful not to hurt yourself, okay?"

"Huh?! Me?!"

Regus-sensei is surprised at Yuri's sudden words.

At first he shook his head vehemently, but under Yuri's silent pressure, he reluctantly agreed.

"Why do I have to do it?"

Regus mumbles softly as he approaches the center of the place.

As he approached the two students, Regus felt a sickening cold sweat break out all over his body.

"I hope this is some kind of joke... Why is the fighting spirit in these two so high?"

The air surrounding Lucius and  was filled with a mixture of fighting spirit and murderous spirit.

Even Regus, who was an adult,fled from the dense fighting spirit, shuddered at the thought of this being produced by two such young boys.

But he decided to desperately suppress his feelings of wanting to run away and do his best to explain the rules of the school duel.

"The duel will end once one of the opponents decides to surrender, is unconscious or becomes incapacitated during the fight. You are to avoid murdering each other, or throwing blows and spells with the intent of taking your opponent's life. The one who murders their opponent will be brought before the law and imprisoned pending their trial. The use of weapons and magic is permitted. Fight with pride and honor!"

Following those words, Regus keeps his distance from the two of them.

"Fufu, why don't you just admit your defeat? That way you'll save yourself from getting hurt."


Lucius doesn't respond to the girl's provocations, instead he bumps fist against his hand to indicate that he's ready.

Seeing that, the girl smiles and pulls a sword from her waist, then points it at Lucius.

The blade of her sword is as long as her arm, and glows with a pale pink color. At first glance, it looks like a pretty sword, but Lucius instantly realizes that it is a dangerous sword.

"It's time for you to draw your weapon."

But Lucius still doesn't draw his weapon, instead he continues to hold his fists up.

Lucius had a great desire to draw his sword, but he promised Rio that he would only use the Dragon Lord's sword in potentially deadly battles. In a situation like this, it wasn't necessary.

"Are you trying to tell me that you can beat me with your bare hands? You're greatly underestimating me... In that case, I'll have to engrave the power of the hero on your body!"

The girl thought Lucius was mocking her for not drawing her sword, so she hurriedly swings the blade and points it at Lucious.

"My name is Charlotte Eudelia, descendant of the legendary hero! I will defeat you in the name of my great ancestor!"

Charlotte's sword attack approaches Lucious at high speed. Except for a few students, a vast majority of the audience cannot follow the fast movement with their eyes.

But in response to that great sword attack, Lucious just holds his fists high, not even showing any signs of wanting to use magic.

(Does this guy want to die!?)

Charlotte became nervous when she saw Lucius not flinching.

Because she's putting all her strength in her attack, she can't even try to stop herself anymore, so she thought she would end up killing him.

'I thought he would manage to dodge this attack because of the outstanding grades he got in all of his exams... This can't be possible', thought Charlotte

I never thought he would be so weak! What did I just do...?!

At the moment Charlotte began to feel pity from the depths of her heart, Lucius' fist moved.

"Qigong style 5th defensive technique, Tank Shell!!!"

Lucius shouted, and quickly caught Charlotte's sword with his right forearm. The sword blade bounced back causing a great metallic clang, as if the sword had struck a metal plate.

After receiving that unexpected counterattack, Charlotte looks at Lucius dumbfoundedly.

'My sword that is capable of cutting even iron in two…. He repelled it with his bare hands?!'

"Who are you...!?"

Lucius answers Charlotte's question by shaking his fist.

"My name is Lucious Vardy. I'm not a hero, nor a demon lord, nor descendant of either. I'm just an ordinary person."

Lucios looked at his opponent with narrowed eyes.

Come on, hero, show me what you've got.



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