🐲 Chapter 17 - The hero's descendant

🐲 Chapter 17 - The hero's descendant

"Hm? Are you very curious about her? Well, no wonder. I guess the fact that she's a descendant of the legendary hero Oger is something that gives her a bit of mystery. Almost all children long to be like her."

"Yes, exactly that..."

Of course, Lucius was one of those kids who longed to be a hero.

He's always had a yearning for power, and that yearning was to be stronger than the other kids.

"The hero's descendant is here...!"

At that moment, a dark emotion wells up from Lucius' heart.

But it is somewhat understandable. The hero was the one who sealed the two most important people in this world to Lucius. He knows that the descendants are not the ones responsible for such an act, but he still can't help but feel embittered.

"And... what kind of person is she?"

But now it's different.

It is unclear why the hero sealed the Demon and Dragon Lords.

In the past, the Demon Lord and the Dragon Lord were said to be the rightful masters of evil, but in reality, the two were not evil.

And that fact was enough to change Lucius' mind about wanting to be a hero.

"Fufu, don't be in such a hurry, very soon it will come to you. After all, the current hero is a complete tomboy."

"A tomboy?"

It is very difficult to relate the words "hero" and "tomboy."

It is said that the legendary hero Oger was a kind and noble person.

"Ah, speak of the devil...."

Yuri noticed the situation unfolding and motioned for Lucious to turn around.

Looking in that direction, Lucius sees someone running towards him.

The person was a beautiful girl with pink hair.

Her nose was well defined, and her lips were cherry colored. She was a little shorter than Lucius, but had beautiful firm breasts of a decent size.

"That's the girl?"

"Yes, she's the descendant of the legendary hero."

The girl suddenly stops in front of Lucius, and begins to stare at him with an overbearing attitude.

"W-what's wrong?"

"Hmm, are you the rumored student? You seem weaker than I expected."


The girl's rude words were enough to make Lucius lose his temper.

When Lucious tried to respond, Yuri stopped him and controlled the situation.

"That's not the right way to talk to someone you just met, Yudelia-kun."

"Oh, Yuri. What are you doing with this guy?"

I don't know what kind of relationship Yuri has with this girl, but it seems like they've known each other before.

"You seem pretty upset, what's wrong?"

"You should know by now. I'm about to lose the number one spot on the exam just because this guy is doing better than me. It's an unforgivable mistake for me, who is the descendant of the legendary hero, to lose to such a weak and timid looking man."

After hearing that reason, Lucius is even more confused.

But it seems to be a big problem for the girl in front of him, and she was still staring at Lucious with a murderous gaze while talking to Yuri.

"Regardless, the exams are already over. Your grades won't change even if you talk to Lucius."

Yuri is right, all the tests are over and all we can do is wait for the results.

Yuri thought that Yudelia had come all the way here to annoy Lucius, but then she says something that leaves them both surprised.

"Hmmm. You're not as bright as I thought you were, Yuri."

"...What do you mean?"

"I'm going to prove it instead of saying it."

Yudelia said as she threw her glove at Lucius' chest, making it land at his feet.

Even Lucius, who was raised in the countryside, knows that means he has been challenged to a duel.

If he picks up the glove, there would be no turning back.

"If I win, you won't be able to enter this Academy, and you'll leave the way you came. And if you win… Then I'll become your slave, or whatever you want."

As soon as the girl says those words, she looks at Lucious with provocative eyes.

Her expression is filled with absolute confidence that gives an air of; 'I won't be defeated by anything or anyone'.

"There's no point in accepting something like that, Lucious. Don't listen to her."

Yuri grabbed Lucious by the shoulders and advised him not to pick up the glove.

It certainly hadn't made sense to fall for the provocative games of someone like her, but Lucius had a reason to accept the duel.

(If I win this, I might be able to get information about the hero...!)

I'm not at all interested in her being my slave, but if I win this, I'll ask her for the information I need.

Thus, Lucious picked up the glove, opposing Yuri's words.

"I accept your challenge."

"Ho... Well, it looks like you have a lot of courage. I apologize for calling you weak. However, I'm not going to go easy on you."

Lucius stares at the girl, her posture of magnificence remaining strong.

I can't lose. If I fail to defeat the hero's descendant, I will never find a way to break the seal of the legendary hero.